Helmsley "Helmz, Helmet" D. Heyman is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Helmet is dimwitted and childish loser living in a dumpsite before becoming a member of the Unlikely Heroes and ally to the Heroes Coalitions.


Helmet wears a blue helmet with a dark visor which completely obscures his face. He wears a blue hoodie jacket, dark-blue pants and brown shoes.


Helmet seems to act very childish as his understanding of the world and actions are incorrect and shows a great amount of curiosity. However, Helmet does show a lot of care to many characters, even to his enemies. He often tries to impress others in order to gain their respect, although it often backfires in some way. Helmet shows a great amount of loyalty as well. Because of his mentality, Helmet easily becomes hurt if insulted, and is easily abused.

Overall, Helmet may act like a child, but is very loyal and brave when the situation calls for it. He's also incessantly cheerful; always expressing enthusiasm and adopting an optimistic mentality on missions and in the face of danger.


Helmet is a Blessed with a yet unnamed Gift.

Helmet uses a Plasma Rifle in battle.


  • Helmet is nothing2read's OC.
  • Helmet's character is based from Michael J. Caboose of Red vs Blue.
  • Helmet is good friends with Flandre Scarlet.
  • Helmet has the wrong interpretation of the word "help".
  • Helmet is a horrible driver.
  • Helmet was once a trainee from Krimson the Great's Battle Arts Academy.
  • nothing2read's ideal voice actor for Helmet are Joel Heyman (Michael J. Caboose from Red vs Blue) and Masaya Onosaka (Isaac Dian from Baccano!).
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