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Heavenly Stones - are mysterious artifacts own by powerful creatures known as the Guardian Deities. Each stones comes off in different shapes and abilities depending on each Guardian. Currently, the Risings were given the task to obtain this artifacts from the Guardian Deities.

The stones purpose are still unknown.

List of the Guardian Deties

  • John Gokuu is a Guardian Deity that takes the form of a gigantic monkey. A self-proclaimed the Handsome and Powerful Monkey King, he claims to be the nicest out of the twelve Guardian Deites and is very grateful but he can aslo express his disappointment when things don't go right. He currently resides in Hyrule at the Faraza Forest. After the Rising Stars protected his temple, he gave them his Heavenly Stone and gave Malvina a pair of gauntlets.
  • Matthew no Orochi is a Guardian Deity that takes the form of human but in reality, he is a snake. In his human form, he is a tall man with a very pale skin, black short hair and red eyes. He wears a black scaly suit over a white shirt with red tie, black scaly trousers, black scaly shoes and white gloves. He currently resides at the Babuyan Islands in the Pure-Philippines. Despite his affinity as a snake, he is cordial and respectful, and wants nothing more but the happiness of his late Master and his townspeople. He agreed to lend his Heavenly Stone if the Heroes Coalition would lend them a hand. After the Rising Stars help him, he bestowed them his Heavenly Stone and gave Luna Loud the ability to wield poison.


  • John Gokuu's name is heavily tweaked from Son Goku or Sun Wukong, the main character in the 16th century novel Journey to the West.
  • Matthew no Orochi's name is heavily tweaked from Yamata no Orochi, an is a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon from the Japanese Mythology.
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