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Hayato Gokudera is one of the main characters of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime and manga.

At first, it seemed as if Gokudera was just your average, foreign delinquent. He even came equipped with you standard-issue cigarettes and the crowd of admiring classmates. But then he was beat by Tsuna, and of course, Defeat Means Friendship, so he started his pursuit of being the "Tenth's" right hand man. This didn't mean that he would be nice to other people, though. But when it really comes down to it, his aggressive tendencies have somewhat pacified due to his interactions with those other people.

In the AWA fics, Hayato is a student at the AWA Academy and is the Vice Student Class Representative of Class 2.


Hayato is a teenage boy of the average height, his long hair is silver, often being ridiculed by Ryohei for resembling an octapus, and somewhat narrow green eyes. He inherits many traits from his mother, and is half-italian and half-japanese.

The most recurring outfit of Hayato is his Namimori Junior High uniform. He wears a black blazer, white formal shirt, blue tie, and gray pants. His attire is almost always accompanied by different types of accessories, such as wristbands and rings.


Hayato is hot-tempered and tends to be irritable towards anyone who isn't Tsuna, Reborn, and Nana, with the biggest nuisance towards him are his own fellow guardians. He cultivates the image of a "bad boy" by smoking heavily, having a hostile attitude, dressing like a delinquent, and even attempting to harm others if not for the intrusions Tsuna and Takeshi, who restrain him. Despite his image as a school delinquent, Hayato is shown to be quite intelligent and finds many of the tests and schoolwork to be easy, unlike his boss. Hayato is rather superstitious and believes in U.M.A.s, this is evident due to his suspension towards P. Shitt, and his interest in the Ogopogo.

Hayato takes his duties towards acting as the right-hand man of Tsuna very seriously, to the point where he strongly dislikes whenever others interact with Tsuna in any way, especially towards Takeshi, who he considers a one-sided rival.

In contrast to the more impulsive Takeshi, Hayato has a very methodical and calculated approach to battles, it is commonly assumed that he had a multitude of private tutors when he was young, as he was brought up in a rich househould.


Hayato is a powerful mid-range fighter, originally using dynamites to fight battles, being best skilled at enclosed spaces where he can place traps. He uses his dynamites to give himself a thrust when he is about to be hit by something he cannot dodge by his own speed. He also uses smaller dynamites with larger ones to create an optical illusion where the smaller dynamites being closer to the opponent to seem just as big as the other ones.

He is a also a very intelligent fighter, usually making complex plans in order to defeat stronger opponents. An example of his intelligence is first seen when he technically defeats Belphegor (who joined the Varia at the age of 8 and was considered a genius), and is seen later again when he figures out how to use his Flame Arrow after only two attempts. He even completes the Sistema C.A.I. that his future counterpart had been developing, and is the first guardian to learn how to ride his motorcycle with some proficiency.


  • Dynamite: Hayato is very proficient in the use of Dynamite as a weapon which has given him the name of "Smokin' Bomb Hayato" in the manga and "Hurricane Bomb Hayato" in the anime. He always carries huge amounts of Dynamite on him at all times. He has gone on to develop multiple techniques that basically consist on bombarding his opponent with multiple explosives (the more the better), redirecting his projectiles to improve its accuracy and speed and sneak bombs pass the enemy defenses.
  • Flame Arrow: The carrier Box Weapon that is used to project & deliver the Sistema C.A.I.'s various ammunition cargo, which is a mid-long ranged shooting arm fixed onto Hayato's hand resembling an open mouth skull acting as the cannon barrel. While another skull mounted at it's rear coupled with an ammo slot modled to it's side are used for loading/launching differently prefered bolt types be it actual bullets, storm & other dying will flames or even his own dynamite being its dispensed payload.   
  • Sistema C.A.I. (lit. System Change Arms Instantaneous or Instantaneous Arms Change System in Italian): A system of Box Weapons that utilize the five different Flames that flow within his body.
  • Skull Rings:These 4 skull-shaped Rings are core components of the Sistema C.A.I. They are Rain, Lightning, Cloud and Sun Rings.
  • Gatto Tempesta (Storm Cat) : Hayato's Box Weapon is a storm cat named Uri and also a part of Sistema C.A.I. It is capable of becoming a Storm Leopard by absorbing Sun Flames. When updated to its Vongola Box Form, Uri is now capable of Cambio Forma that can change into the shape of an archery-style weapon. When released from the Hayato's Storm Buckle, Uri gained armor on its legs and is wearing sunglasses, and is capable of merging directly with Hayato for his Cambio Forma.
  • Cambio Forma: G's Archery - When activated, Uri combines with the Flame Arrow, creating a giant ornate bow made of bones with Storm Flames covering the drawstring and the Roman Numeral I on the front to symbolize the connection to the 1st Generation. In its Version X form the Cambio Forma has now become many straps of dynamite while forming armor on his legs and one arm, sunglasses, and a Piped-Shaped Igniterto ignite his dynamite.
  • Motorcycle/Airbike: Used to travel great distances without the use of Dying Will Flames, thus escaping detection.
  • Buckle of the Storm Version X: The upgrade of the Vongola ring combined with Uri.


  • Double Bombs: Hayato's regular attack. First used against Tsuna.
  • Triple Bombs: Triple the Bombs. First used against Tsuna, perfected in the Storm Ring Battle against Belphegor.
  • Double Bomb with Mini Bombs: Double the Bombs with Mini Bombs added in. First used against Chikusa, Hayato threw small Bombs before normal Bombs to create an optical illusion that they were all the same size.
  • Pickpocket Bombs: Puts a single Bomb on target using his agile movements. First used against the Namimori High School Karate Club.
  • Speed Bomb: First used against Chikusa Kakimoto. He used a small Bomb, threw it up in the air, which created an explosion, and created momentum to propel him forward.
  • Bomb Spray: First used in the Storm Ring Battle. Hayato throws a Mini Bomb in close proximity to his opponent.
  • Bomb Blitz: First used against Kyoya. Hayato moves under the opponent, putting him into a wall of Dynamite.
  • Rocket Bombs: Power and homing capabilities, it has mini thrusters for mobility.
  • Flame Missile:A missile that deals average damage on its target.
  • Tornado Flame Arrow: After a period of time is taken to concentrate the Storm Flames, a single, highly destructive burning arrow of bones is shot.
  • Gatling Arrow: An attack that fires four Storm Arrows simultaneously, it is capable of pinning an enemy to the ground and incapacitating them.
  • Flame Thunder: It fires a beam of Storm and Lightning Flames which is strengthened by the Solidification factor of the Lightning.
  • Rocket Bomb Version X: Rocket Bombs that use Storm Flames for propulsion with increased speed, power and homing capabilities.
  • Air Bomb: Hayato throws this bomb beneath him to allow him to leap great distances.
  • Uri Bomb: Hayato creates a Uri-shaped bomb with a fuse as its tail.


  • Hayato along with Tsunayoshi Sawada are the first characters from Hitman Reborn to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Hayato often wears glasses and ties his hair in a ponytail when he's thinking.
  • He is nicknamed Octopus-Head (Tako he-do) by Ryohei and Stupidera (Aho-dera or Baka-dera) by Lambo.
  • In the Future Arc, Gamma mentions that Hayato succeeds at becoming Tsuna's right hand man.
  • In the manga, Hayato chain-smokes cigarettes; however, in the anime, he doesn't smoke, leaving the method to which he lights his Dynamite unknown, which Tsuna even comments on. During the Storm Battle, he was shown dropping a lighter, implying that he lights his dynamites with such speed that they are thought to light up on their own.
  • He is shown to be slightly superstitious and knows at least one exorcism technique.
  • His pride is being a Guardian and serving Tsuna.
  • Hayato thinks anyone who is older than him is an enemy.
  • Hayato is ambidextrous, inconsistently using which hand he writes with in manga panels.
  • In Rebo to Dlive, it's revealed that he works part time in a convenience store.


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