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Hayate Yagami is one of the main characters from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime and manga.

Hayate is a cute, kind-hearted orphan in a wheelchair who is actually the mistress of the Book of Darkness and the Wolkenritter (Signum, Vita, Shamal and Zafira) but is unaware that they are causing harm to other people.

Hayate's magic works slightly differently than that of Nanoha or Fate, in the fact that the closest thing she has to "familiars" are the Wolkenritter and her "weapon" is the Book of Darkness.

In the AWA fics, Hayate is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the Heroes Coalition fics, Hayate is part of the Multiverse Government. Hayate is allies with the Heroes Coalitions and is an unofficial honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom.


Hayate has a short brown hair and has dark-blue eyes. She wears a brown office jacket over a white dress shirt with blue necktie, brown office skirt, white pantyhose and brown shoes. 

In her mage form, she wears a white mantle-like coat with black & yellow designs over a black one piece dress with yellow linings, black fingerless gloves, black socks, black shoes, a large round white hat and three pairs of black wings.


Hayate is a kind individual who treats those who would otherwise not be considered human well, and who believes that causing harm to others, whatever the reason, is unacceptable. She is cheerful most of the time, but often hides any pain she is feeling from those close to her. It is revealed in the sound stages that she enjoys fondling the breasts of her female friends or subordinates, but only if they would willingly let her.


Hayate is one of the few modern Rare Skill users, having inherited Use of Collection from Reinforce. Due to Use of Collection, Hayate can said to be using a mix of the Ancient Belkan and Midchildan magic systems, although the latter is mainly used for supportive roles in certain spells. She achieves the mage rank of S (in A's) and later SS (one short of the ultimate SSS), which means that her raw power output is truly immense, bordering a tactical nuclear device. This also means that a limiter is put upon her most of the time, lowering her rank to A and thus preventing inadvertent warping of the time-space continuum. Unlike Nanoha's, Hayate's magical power is not natural but is a result of her Linker Coremerging with that of the Book of Darkness (that is, Reinforce's). Possibly as a result of this, most of the spells she displays in the series have long casting times and/or require arias.

However, Hayate's enormous power output is not indicative of her performance in actual combat. As she explains, high mana reserves make it hard to process the energy quickly and to multitask, making Hayate a lousy combatant. In fact, she points out that of all the combat mages in the Riot Force 6, the only one she could fight on equal grounds would be Caro Ru Lushe, provided she does not use any of her summons.[13] This is also the reason why Hayate, an aerial mage, maintains a Synthetic rather than Air mage rank.

Additionally, her status as a "Living Lost Logia" gives her exceptional regenerative capacities, which allow her, for example, to quickly recover from a perforating abdominal wound.


  • Hayate means "gale" or literally "swift wind" in Japanese.
  • As the (last) owner of the Tome of the Night Sky, Hayate is titled the "(Last) Mistress of the Night Sky" ((Saigo no) Yaten no Aruji). As she becomes more famous after joining the Administrative Bureau, she has also acquired the nickname "Living Lost Logia" (Aruku Rosuto Rogia, lit. Walking Lost Logia) by the time of StrikerS.


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