Goofy is one of the main characters from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The mild-mannered yet loyal Captain of the Royal Knights at Disney Castle, Goofy was sent to find and follow the Keyblade bearer. He joins up with Sora to help him save the worlds and becomes one of his closest friends.


Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog with black fur and droopy ears. His outfit in the Kingdom Hearts series is a modified version of his basic outfit in the modern Disney cartoons; in fact, he wears his normal outfit in the opening of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He has two bucked teeth and three short hairs coming out of the top of his head, just in front of his hat. Goofy's hat is orange (save for a blue band in the middle) and the top is an odd shape, resembling a teardrop placed on its side. There is a small pair of red goggles around the bottom of the hat as well (strangely, the lenses of these goggles seem to be quite a bit smaller than Goofy's eyes).

Goofy wears a green turtleneck sweater with sleeves that bell out slightly and a blue arrow-shaped strap on each cuff. He wears white gloves with a brown band around each wrist. Over the sweater, he wears a sleeveless, black combat vest with grey lining and four pockets of the same color. Goofy's pants are yellow and secured by a thick, black belt. They have rather large pockets and a pouch on each leg with a silver zipper. The legs of his pants have a peculiar style, with the bottom rims (which are dark orange) being pulled upward in the front by a brown strap. Goofy has very large shoes which are brown with steel toes on the outside.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Goofy is seen training with Donald and Mickey with Yen Sid in a significantly different outfit. His hat is now made of metal and resembles a knight's helmet, and sports a curved blade on the top. He wears armor over his body, though most of it is on his left side, leaving his right side mostly exposed except for a metal armlet on his upper arm. His left arm sports the same armlet, but includes several more pieces of armor, such as a pauldron over his left shoulder, a thick, cylindrical gauntlet covering most of the rest of his arm, and a metal glove overtop his normal white one.

Goofy's turtleneck is replaced with a sleeveless, orange shirt with a high, yellow collar. Overtop this, he wears an oblong, blue piece of clothing over his right half, held on by a black strap attached by yellow, star-shaped buttons. He wears a thick, metal belt around his waist with two blue straps looping around the back of it. Goofy's pants are baggy and orange with a noticeable seam down the front of each leg. The bottom of the legs are black with gold lining. Goofy's shoes, while equally as large as the were in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, are made of metal and the toes curl upward.


While his name might insinuate that he is simple-minded and unintelligent, it is a misnomer as often times Goofy has shown to the voice of reason for Sora and his companions, and is also amazingly calm and cheerful, retaining his composure when Sora and Donald are completely undone. One example is in the beginning of the Traverse Town section of the original Kingdom Hearts, Goofy states that Pluto might lead to where they need to go, but Donald blows him off when in reality, if they had followed Pluto, they would've found Sora much earlier than they did.

He has also proved on occasion to have more common sense than Sora and Donald; in the Land of Dragons, when Sora and Donald mistake Mushu's shadow for a Heartless and try to attack him, Goofy hesitates and shouts, "Maybe we'd better look before we leap!" Goofy also tends to notice things that Sora and Donald don't, such as when they met Mulan and he was the only one of the trio to first notice she was a girl when he said, "You're pretendin' ta' be a boy, aren'cha?", leading to a humorous double-take from both Donald and Sora, as they admitted to never having even suspected it.

However, there have been instances in which Goofy is indeed clumsy, shown when he accidentally zaps Sora, Donald, and himself into the game grid in Space Paranoids, and walking into a cart in Agrabah. Additionally, Goofy occasionally has trouble pronouncing words, such as pronouncing "meddling" as "muddling", and referring to Ventus as "Venquist", "Ventilate", and "Veggie".

On many occasions, he has been shown to be the glue that holds the trio together on their adventures; never getting into an argument with either Sora or Donald. Because of this, he is often the one that Sora seems to look to for reason as opposed to what Goofy's name would suggest. He also appears to view his friends highly, often stating very good things about his friends: Sora and King Mickey. As with this, Goofy is very loyal to his friends, an example being how he saves Sora when Riku tries to kill him. All in all, Goofy is a lovable and friendly person who always looks for the good in others and tries to help them.


Goofy uses shields, both offensively and defensively. Goofy starts off with his signature Knight's Shield, but he can replace it with more powerful shields throughout his journeys, and his ultimate weapon is the Save the King shield. Goofy is a physical fighter, but also a healer, and his unique abilities include both those that use his shield to knock around enemies, as well as those that restore the HP and MP of his allies. Goofy's common and weapon abilities generally focus on defensive skills such as Hyper Healing or Protect.

  • Rocket: Goofy's flying uppercut move. Goofy will charge into the air to hit airborne enemies with his shield. He often uses this move against enemies that float or jump.
  • Charge/Goofy Charge: Goofy lunges towards a target, bumping it with his shield. If it connects successfully, the target and any enemy caught in the way will be stunned.
  • Tornado/Goofy Tornado: A versatile attack that can hit several enemies. Goofy spins and attacks enemies for multiple hits. In Kingdom Hearts II, the vortex this creates will actually draw enemies in.
  • Goofy Smash: Goofy lashes into an enemy, Sora hits the enemy and throws it up into the air, and Goofy leaps into the air and deals the final blow.
  • Goofy Bash: Goofy's long-distance attack. He throws his shield at a target to inflict many hits.
  • Goofy Turbo: A unique move that features Goofy humorously riding his shield. Any enemies caught in his way will be juggled to Sora's location.
  • MP Gift: Goofy gives up 1 MP to restore 3 MP to an ally (Uses 2 MP in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix).
  • Evolution: Goofy uses 3 MP to give 30 HP to all characters. Acts like a Mega-Potion (Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Only).
  • Tornado Fusion: Allows Sora to use the Limit, Whirli-Goof, along with Goofy. Sora and Goofy will spin together to smash through enemies.
  • Teamwork: Allows Sora to use the Limit, Knocksmash, along with Goofy. Sora and Goofy will throw their weapons together in synch.


  • Atlantica: In Atlantica, Goofy appears in the form of a sea turtle. In this form, he is able to to fight with his shield attached to his back.
  • Halloween Town: In Halloween Town, Goofy appears in the form of a Frankenstein version of himself, with a discolored nose and has screws coming out of the sides of his head.
  • Timeless River: When Goofy visits Timeless River with Sora and Donald, they are all converted into the older versions of earlier cartoons.
  • Atlantica: When Donald, Sora and Goofy visit Atlantica again, he is once again turned into a sea turtle. However, this time he is not able to use any fighting skills as this world is altered to progress the story through songs.
  • Halloween Town: Goofy once again becomes a Frankenstein monster in Halloween Town, this time his weapon is covered in dust, making it more related to the Halloween decorations. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, his Frankenstein looks are altered to a reindeer when he visits Christmas Town. In this form, he wears festive red-and-green mittens and a matching belt. This costume has a sweater vest that looks somewhat like a Santa-Clause version of his Kingdom Hearts jacket. In his reindeer outfit, his red nose blinks like Rudolph's and his antlers vaguely make a heart-shape. His suit even has reindeer hooves.
  • Pride Lands: In the Pride Lands, Goofy transforms into a tropical tortoise. Unlike his other forms, he runs around by spinning.
  • Space Paranoids: In Space Paranoids, Goofy and his friends are converted into data forms with circuit patterns all over their bodies, which makes them look like robots. Even their weapons are converted into data.


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