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Gina Babette Diggers is the main protagonist from the Gold Digger comics.

Super-scientist and archeologist who embarks on bizarre adventures both within and outside of our dimensional realm, with the help of her family.

In the XP4 fics, Gina is a teacher at the Vanguard Academy.


Gina has a long blonde hair and has blue eyes, and often wears glasses. Gina has a slim and voluptous figure, and often wears skimpy outfits in her adventures.


Her pursuit of knowledge drove her into isolation and she spent her time building gadgets, studying machines and entertaining herself with science fiction and fantasy media.

The change in her attitude came when her sister grabbed her by the breasts and told her how attractive she was and that she should start looking at men more emotionally. This rough treatment and stern lecture released something in Gina and she became more aggressive, adventurous and boy-crazy. She took up adventuring and archeology and also went after any guy with a pretty face and nice body.


Though her mother was a great fighter, Gina inherited none of her gifts. Likewise, she gained none of her father's aptitude for magic. To give her something, her father turned her to science where she discovered that she was amazingly talented. By the time she was 18 she had received degrees in mathematics, chemistry, biology, engineering, physics and archeology.


  • She takes threats of violence and death towards her family, friends, and students quite seriously, even from those clearly more powerful than her. At that point, it's not beyond her to use some form of super-science and/or quasi-magitek to torture and maim said villain.
  • She has a self-built laboratory in her Atlanta, GA home that rivals Dexter's.
  • As the series goes on, Gina plays less and less of a central role in major events and important plot developments. At one point, an entire year of comics went by with her barely putting in an appearance.


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