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Fuuka Narutaki is a character from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

Fuuka is older twin sister of Fumika Narutaki.

In the AWA fics, Fuuka is a student at the AWA Academy.


Fuuka is a small teenage girl with a pink hair tied in two pigtails and has bright pink eyes. She usually wears her Mahora Academy uniform.


Fuka is in all a prankster. She loves having a great time playing around and pulling pranks. Unlike her sister, she is full of energy and never worries about the consequences. Fuka is in the walking society with her sister Fumika and Kaede. She and her sister look up to Kaede and listen to her intently. They admire her so much that they even use fake ninpou to look like they have inherited the skills from Kaede herself.The fact that she wants to grow as fast as she can does not in fact please Kaede but it shows that she can be serious at times. She cares deeply for her sister and is loyal to the walking society. She likes teasing her classmates on their weaknesses. She also looks like a child and is seemingly shorter then Negi even with the four year advantage.


Ninja Skills- She and her twin claims they are undergoing ninjutsu training from Kaede. It is supported as they are seen wearing ninja outfits, and their paction card shows them in ninja uniform with a scroll and a dagger.

Other Skills- As a member of the Strolling Club, she is well-versed in going to the school's common locations and easily toured Negi across the school premises. Other than that, Fuka has a mischievous nature doing pranks on others.

  • MangaGeminae Simulatrices - Mistake (Botched)Pactio with Fumika (they both kissed a copy of Negi at the same time). While she unofficially has a Pactio card by Akamatsu, she has only received a mistake card in continuity.
  • Negima!: Dressed in a ninja outfit and are able to do the shadow doppelganger technique alongside Fumika. The number of copies they can make is unknown.
  • Negima!?
    • Suka: Bumblebee
    • Cosplay: A detective dressed in old-style Japanese clothing with kimono, puffy pants, wooden sandals and wide-brim hat. She carries a bamboo umbrella (only used to pose with her sister when seen) and a large suitcase as her own artifacts.
    • ArmorMini-Kunai Shuriken: A ninja with a kunai. This a split version of the twins' unofficial manga Pactio.


  • Fuka mean "windy fragrance".
  • Fuka and her twin sister Fumika are the shortest girls in their class.
  • She and her sister's grades are very high though lower than Chizuru's.
  • Both Fuka and Fumika so far are the only person to have one card for two people at once. They're right now also the only person not to get real card since the botch cards kiss in Kyoto.
  • According to character design notes in Volume 2, Fuka was going to be called Saya Narushima.
  • There was apparently supposed to be a story during Christmas following the Magical World arc, where Fuuka and Fumika would meet two animals who turned out to be magic princes in disguise. The events did happen and are still mentioned, but were never actually shown.


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