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Franky is one of the main characters from the One Piece anime and manga.

Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. A cyborg from Water 7, he was originally the leader of the Franky Family, a group of ship dismantlers. He is originally from South Blue, but left 32 years ago as a four-year-old child. He was originally named "Cutty Flam" until he threw away his original name for his nickname per the request of Iceburg to hide his identity.

Franky and his followers were originally enemies of the Straw Hats until circumstances forced them to become allies. At the request of the Franky Family, Franky decided to join the Straw Hats to fulfill his dream of creating and riding a ship capable of circumnavigating the world, the Thousand Sunny.

He is the eighth member of the Straw Hat crew and the seventh to join Luffy's crew. He currently has a bounty of 94,000,000. Previously going by the epithet, "Cyborg" Franky, he has since gained the new nickname, "Iron Man".

In the AWA fics, Franky is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 8.

In the XP4 fics, Franky debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.


As a direct result of the modifications that he conducted upon himself as well as the years spent as a ship dismantler, bounty hunter, and street thug in Water 7, Franky is a powerfully built man with a height of at least seven feet, making him the second-tallest member of the Straw Hat crew. His forearms are relatively enormous while his biceps are comparably small. His chest is well-toned with large abs and pectoral muscles. He has brightly-colored blue hair and blue star tattoos on his forearms. Franky's eyebrows are rather long and stern, and he has three prominent lower eyelashes on each eye. His chin is very angular and tapers off in three pointed clefts. Franky has an equally angular prosthetic nose made of iron with several rivets and jagged edges, the only replacement part of his exterior body that is not covered in artificial skin.

Before being hit by the Puffing Tom, Franky's forearms were normal-sized and his overall height was comparably smaller than his cyborg-enhanced self would be. He also had an ordinary nose and chin, both of which were later badly broken in the accident, causing him to repair them with iron.

His choice of clothing usually comprises of a swim briefs, which causes people to call him a pervert, and an open loud Hawaiian "Aloha" shirt with a large golden chain necklace around his neck. It is rare for him to button up his shirt, have long sleeves, and wear pants or footwear unless the situation calls for it, or someone makes him do so. He also does not like it when people tamper with his look, as seen when Nami's mind was inside his body and she tried to button up his Hawaiian shirt, which made Franky upset.

Before becoming a cyborg, Franky went half-dressed simply because he wanted to. Now, his cyborg body is built in a way that covering himself up actually limits him from accessing its features (long sleeves prevent him from using weapons installed on his arms, a buttoned shirt stops him from accessing his chest panels, pants keep him from using features on his legs that cause them to separate or expand, shoes are a hindrance for the same reason and also redundant because his feet are toughened with iron). If in a battle, Franky will strip down for the sake of using his weapons or wear specially modified clothing that can transform along with him. Conversely, Franky always makes sure to cover his back (hence, he wears a shirt) because it is a weak spot- it is still flesh and blood, the only part of his body he cannot reach and modify. Unfortunately, Franky is still susceptible to cold and can suffer chills from his half-nakedness.

During his first appearance in the Water 7 Arc, Franky wore a masked costume as a disguise so no one could identify him while he bought wood from the Adam tree off the black market. After discarding this disguise, for the rest of the arc all the way up to the end of the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, he wore a red Hawaiian shirt, with lime green palm trees decorating it.

During the Thriller Bark Arc, Franky wore a yellow shirt with purple trident-like symbols on the sides and a large one on back.

Near the end of the previous arc all the way up to the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Franky switched to wearing a purple version of his Hawaiian shirt.

During the Straw Hats separation, Franky wore a red coat to protect himself from the cold while on Baldimore, but after blowing up Vegapunk's laboratory, the skin on his face and frontal body was burned off, revealing his metal endoskeleton underneath, which he covered up with a tiger skin rug due to scaring people who looked at him. 

He also has a pair of sunglasses, which he usually wears when things start to get serious.

Over the two years he was on his own, Franky used Vegapunk's blueprints to drastically reconfigure his body, repairing the damage he accidentally caused to himself and replacing some old functions his body used to have with better and more powerful implements. Franky's hair is now controllable, and can change different styles instantly by pushing his nose for more than three seconds. While he used to wear it up in a pompadour style and can still do such, he now tends to keep his hair retracted and sport a buzz cut, or otherwise experiment with different hairstyles, sometimes changing his hairstyle to a theme which fits the circumstances he finds himself in.

He also has two stitch-mark scars on his torso running down from the back of his neck indicating that he had sewn his skin back on.

He appears to have made modifications to his eyes as well. What appears to be his eyes are actually lenses that resemble human eyes over a pair of robotic eyes underneath. His left eye was seen with inverse coloration and with a glowing red pupil after his battle with Senor Pink, after being knocked around so much it caused the lens over the eye to fall out.[21] Once the fighting against the Donquixote Pirates had come to a close and Franky had some downtime to repair himself, he installed a replacement lens.

His shoulders, torso, and arms are also much bigger than before, and with studded hands that look almost robotic in appearance, but he also revealed that inside of his huge arms he still has a set of normal-sized robotic hands. He now appears to be wearing metal rigged suspenders. He has replaced his elbows with large, light blue hinges, his shoulders with a large red ball and socket joint with "BF-37" written on them, and his forearms with large, light blue cubes, with his trademark star tattoo being split by an edge. Surprisingly, Franky's forearms also have hair on them even though they are clearly robotic, and his large robot hands can even wear gloves. These new features house upgrades he gave himself during the timeskip.

He now wears a red coconut tree-motived Hawaiian shirt and red swim briefs. While on Punk Hazard, he was given a large double-breasted black coat by Kin'emon for the cold. When he was able to change into winter attire, he put on a sky blue double-breasted coat with "BF 37"  written on the front and back, and paired it with a dark navy blue scarf with red polka dots.

During the Dressrosa Arc Franky wore a white dress shirt and black suit jacket, a bowler hat, as well as his typical speedos. He initially had his hair in two long pigtails. After Dressrosa Operation: SOP began, he reformed his hair to resemble a cannon, which comically was only cosmetic.

After the battle against the Doflamingo Family, he wore a white tank top with 'Corrida' written across it. He also reformed his hair to resemble Usopp's hat during the Dressrosa Arc.

During the Zou Arc, Franky wore a black v-neck t-shirt with four symbols on it arranged in a square pattern (An "I", "H", "T", and a sun-like symbol). He reformed his hair into an undercut style similar in appearance to Smoker'sPost-Timeskip hairstyle. Later on, he re-styles it again to resemble a blue whale.


Franky is an exhibitionist and a self proclaimed pervert. He is strong-willed, eccentric, free-spirited, and often has a blatant disregard for rules and norms. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants, though he usually wants little more than to build powerful ships or protect those he cares about and at times can appear very eccentric compared to most of the crew because of his strange mannerisms and knack for building odd things (such as his Franky Centaur). He is also highly self aggrandizing, reveling in how "SUPER" he is and how brilliant his body or inventions are.

Despite his strange and goofy behavior, Franky has demonstrated himself to be among the most mature and reliable of the Straw Hats, making an effort to entertain young crewmates while still keeping serious matters in mind. Depending on the situation and the people he is dealing with, Franky can be quite an altruist, as he is quick to defend other people and take action if his friends are harmed; he also holds the belief that no matter what a person is like, they should never be prejudiced or exterminated simply because of who they are. This often causes him to befriend and defend the wrongfully feared and persecuted.

Because of his unbiased and protective attitude, he is quick in making friends and allies with the most unlikely of individuals, such as street thugs and pirates. He is seen as a 'big brother' figure, and is admired by many for his efforts to protect them, such as Nico Robin and the Franky Family. Monkey D. Luffy and Franky share some personality traits, with the exception of fighting needlessly, and both grew to respect each other during the events of the Enies Lobby Arc, despite the disputes the two had during the Water 7 Arc. It has been shown that Franky's personality can alter somewhat, depending on the beverage in his system.

As shown at Enies Lobby, when he drinks fresh juice, he will be concerned about health, stating that health is number one. When he drinks tea, he will make himself relax and enjoy a relaxing moment. When he drinks cora, he will return to his usual self.

Franky is also very stubborn, as proven when Iceburg told him to leave Water 7 and he absolutely refused to do so, even though him staying would compromise the location of Pluton's blueprints.

Another of his habits is to refer to the 'current week' for exclamation as in "Of course I'm strong, and I've been especially strong this week" or "I've been like this all week".

He has a running gag of being linked to "perverted" things due to a combination of his clothes, strange personality, and the situations he gets himself into. He takes it as a compliment when someone calls him a pervert. In addition, Franky has a habit of using the word "hentai" (pervert) in place of others. For example, when on Karakuri Island during the Straw Hat's Separation Serial, instead of using the word "tensai" (genius) he would use "hentai" then quickly correct himself. His lack of fashion sense seems to stem from the fact that his creativity leans towards crafts and mechanics, which would explain his style of clothing that usually consists of nothing more than his trademark swim briefs, a large golden chain necklace around his neck, and a shirt concealing his rather bulky upper body build.

Another running gag in the series is that of Franky being extremely compassionate whenever he overhears what he experiences a touching story or moment, causing him to cry uncontrollably. While Franky will often admit to being emotionally touched, he believes himself too proud to show his overflowing tears to anyone, vehemently denying his weeping by hiding his face and calling everyone around him "idiots" for seeing him so vulnerable. Usually, his emotional trade will culminate into pulling out a guitar out of nowhere and requesting for everyone to listen to a song he had just wrote about the story that had just touched him.

He also finds the thought of hanging onto money for more than a day to be atrocious. After realizing he still had 1,000,000 left over from the lot they stole from Usopp, he preceded to grab the cash and buy everyone in the bar drinks. This trait seems to have rubbed off on the rest of the Franky Family, as they are all incapable of keeping a hold of any money for long periods of time.

Franky also has his musical inclinations and tendency to dance with little stimuli. For example, he grooved out to Fukurou's unmusical singing of CP9 information.

Franky usually calls people by nicknames rather than their actual names as he called Luffy "Straw Hat" when he first joined, but after the two year separation, he calls everyone by their names and does not use nicknames.

Franky's most recognizable trait would be his catchphrase, "SUPER!" (Sūpā) When he says it, he typically strikes his signature pose. He leans to one side and bends the knee on the same side. The other leg is straight and going the opposite direction. He throws his head back. His arms go over his head at lock together wrist-to-wrist. The two separate star tattoos push together to make one star. Most of the time, there is a glow or explosion to go along with it, just as an effect. Another significant trait is the inclusion of the word "Yosh" in his speech, and also shouting "AOW!" when something has excited him or he is showing off.

Unlike Sanji, Brook, and Usopp, Franky has no interest in young beautiful women as he and Senor Pink stated in their battle Franky only kissing Kyuin (Smile factory Manger) was to shut her up. Franky did show excitement when Nami ripped up Kalifa's clothes, shouting "AOW!" and giving the thumbs up, suggesting that he does have some lecherous tendecies.

Since undergoing his modifications, he has become the center of attention for Luffy, Chopper and Usopp. As a result he tends to act or talk robotic at times, much to their amusement.

Despite his enjoyment in adding power to his arsenal and building weapons of high firepower, he did not enjoy the idea of eating a Devil Fruit, even if it was a Logia as shown when Franky politely refused the offer to eat the Mera Mera no Mi, as he preferred to retain his ability to swim.

As evidenced in the Punk Hazard Arc, Franky also seems to handle children well. As soon as he entered the playroom with his comrades, the children, more notably the boys, immediately took notice. Franky was forthright in displaying his many robotic capabilities, including his ability to change hairstyles by pressing his nose. The children even imitated his comedic antics, performing a "Super!" pose along with himself, Sanji, and Chopper.

XP4 Fanfics

Franky is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of The Flaming Honor. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 6, Franky, alongside his team, The Flaming Honor and another team called The Mighty Never Kneel, are seen in Magnum City taking on a group of Emotionless and successfully defeated them.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 6, Franky, Vector the Crocodile and Usopp are seen cheering on Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose dancing on a Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Booth in the lounger area of the Training Camp.


As a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky is a competent crewmate as well as a valuable asset for the crew. Being their official shipwright, Franky is in charge of maintaining the Thousand Sunny's condition, along with the other vehicles, instruments, or weapons that the Straw Hats may employ.

He is also an accomplished surgeon as he was able to perform an operation on himself twice, despite the fact that he does not specialize in the field. He was able to do this even though he was close to death.

Franky has considerable skills in playing a guitar.

Physical Abilities

Due to the bionic modifications done to his body, Franky has incredible superhuman strength. His years of being a ship dismantler, as well as a bounty hunter prior to piracy seem to further contributed greatly to his formidable physical prowess; even when running low on cora, he exhibits enough strength to overwhelm a charging, fully grown elephant, stopping it in its tracks before dragging it around by the trunk like it was a rag doll. When first confronted by the CP9 members in Water 7, Franky was shown to be strong enough to almost break through Blueno'sTekkai and quickly overpower him in terms of brute force. Franky was even able to briefly fight on par against Luffy during their initial confrontation, before their fight was interrupted by the Galley-La Company workers. During his fight with Fukuro, Franky easily smashed through his Tekkai causing him to complain in pain, an extraordinary feat as Fukuro is a full fledged Rokushiki user. Even before he became a cyborg, Franky is strong enough to brutalize Spandam's face with a rifle, disfiguring him with a single hit.

In addition to his strength, Franky also displays considerable skill on whatever item he lays his hands upon, be it in or out of combat (i.e. he was seen effectively wielding, with considerable dexterity, a large pair of makeshift nun-chakus against Tararan). Even without his cyborg functions and arsenal of weaponry, Franky is a highly skilled boxer which he combined with his cybernetically enhanced physical strength to defeat highly skilled and dangerously powerful assassins with very fast and powerful punches. The fact that he could defeat Fukuro, a very powerful Rokushiki master and member of CP9 on his own is a testament to his prowess. He is also a skilled wrestler, able to use suplexs to great effect as shown when he was able to grapple Kyuin, a massive woman larger than himself and throw her with accurate timing to smash her head into Senor Pink, causing damage to both of them in one move.

Franky has extreme superhuman durability due to his cybernetic enhancements allowing him to shrug off firearms, artillery, and even a land mine planted by Spandam without any strain. Even when low on cora, Franky is resilient enough to withstand barrage of powerful punches from Fukuro and simultaneously punched Fukuro back in retaliation. He could also survive being smacked down by Oars, a gigantic zombie, with extreme force and also Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu's powerful shockwave directly to his abdomen. While on Karakuri Island, Franky managed to survive the giant explosion that completely destroyed Vegapunk's lab after he accidentally pushed the self-destruct button despite having his skin gruesomely burned off in the process. Even before he became a cyborg, Franky was brutally run down by the Puffing Tom in a failed attempt to save Tom. While on the verge of death, he survived long enough to not only swim and climb aboard an abandoned ship, but also used the ship's wreckage to modify himself into a cyborg. After the timeskip, Franky is tough enough to withstand Pink's suplex smashes that damaged his back, the only part that remains unmodified, and also his Baby Buster attack that can cause extreme damage to his cybernetic face. Despite all the damage he suffered, Franky could still exert enough physical power to push back the Sea Stone SMILE Factory to halt the constriction speed of the Birdcage.

He also seem to be born with great hearing, as he could hear the dwarves trying to open the SMILE factory door from a fairly long distance while been back slammed by Senior Pink.

Franky is an extremely capable and strong swimmer, to the point his Franky Butterfly technique allows him to swim up waterfalls. When he was younger, he even taught the sumo-wrestling frog Yokozuna the crawl stroke. Franky even declined Luffy's offer to eat the Mera Mera no Mi as he preferred to retain his ability to swim.

Tactical Skills

Despite his wild and reckless nature, Franky is very tactical, willing to use deception and trickery to gain an advantage in battle. He has shown great understanding of psychological warfare. In Enies Lobby, he cleverly deceived Spandam and numerous other Marines into leaving by appearing to self destruct with his Coup Dee Boo, effectively exploiting their cowardice and fear of death when in reality, he intends to break free from his chains using Coup Dee Boo, which he succeeds as Spandam and the Marines were busy escaping. When he is unable to keep up with the extreme speed of Fukuro's Soru, he used insults to taunt Fukuro into disregarding Soru, tricking him into direct close quarter combat. Fukuro's anger at his insults allowed Franky to fight the Rokushiki user on equal terms despite Fukuro's speed advantage as a Soru user. When Chopper went on a rampage in his Monster Point, Franky exploited Chopper's weakness as a Devil Fruit user by hurling him into the sea, using the ocean to neutralize Chopper's Zoan transformation while also saving him from the fatal strain of Monster Point. In Dressrossa, while attempting to break into the SMILE Factory, Franky exploited Pink's hard-boiled and compassionate nature by lying to him that there was an old lady in trouble in a far distance, leading Pink to go find the old lady while breaking free of Pink's suplex hold that kept him restrained.

Construction and Engineering Expertise

In addition to his cyborg-enhanced body, Franky is also a master craftsman, being a first-rate shipwright and an exceptional carpenter from working under Tom. As both a former employee of Tom's Workers and one of Tom's apprentices, Franky's skills as a shipwright are top-notch and well versed. This was evident in his youth, when he helped in the construction of the first Sea Train, the Puffing Tom alongside Tom, showing that his skills as a shipwright extended to naval architecture as well. He helped to achieve this feat, while in his spare time also continuing to build his own line of thirty-five specially designed, numbered battleships named the "Battle Frankies", with each ship capable of killing a sea king. Even his years of dismantling had not affected his carpentry skills in any way. The best proof of this was when he was able to finish the construction of the Thousand Sunny, with the aid of Iceburg, Yokozuna, and the remaining Galley-La foremen, under a short period of time. His brillant scientific intellect also allowed him the ability to self taught and grasp the concept of the blueprints and technology of the genius inventor and scientist Vegapunk, which were left behind in one of his labs on Karakuri Island, and thought to be impossible to create, complete, and even understand. After his two years of training on that island, Franky successfully proved his ability to not only understand his technology, but also recreate it. The greatest example of this feat is Franky's addition of the light lasers to his arsenal, which was a form of technology that only Vegapunk himself was originally able to create. Franky was also able to realize Vegapunk's concept of a transforming robot with the use of the recently discovered alloy Wapometal. Franky's engineering skills even extend to gadgetry as well, as he had helped Ussop with upgrading Nami's newest Clima-Tact.

Having once held onto the blueprints for Pluton before incinerating them, Franky was the only person with the potential of recreating the fearsome Ancient Weapon of mass destruction before the knowledge was lost forever.

A scientific genius of his own right, he developed a cannon-like mechanism that accumulates air rapidly within a confined space right before releasing it as a compressed air-based projectile powerful enough to bring down large establishments as well as provide a superb means of propulsion, which served as a template that gave birth to the creation of his "Coup De Vent" functions. He designed the Thousand Sunny himself featuring several unique functions like the Coup De Burst and the Soldier Dock System.

He has actually built an entire bridge over a large gap and even put in small details such as carved handrails in an extraordinarily small amount of time (though he wanted an extra thirty seconds since he was not satisfied with the finish). He can also somehow build stairs suspended in midair, and while they can support human weight, they do not stand for long. He calls this maneuver "Franky Skywalk", and was used fighting Oars in the Thriller Bark Arc. Furthermore, he quickly sealed Caribou in a barrel and made it so that even with his Devil Fruit powers he could not escape.

Franky's unrivaled talent in carpentry allows him to quickly learn and master new styles of architecture. When he goes undercover in Wano Country as a carpenter, his workmanship was praised by his superior, who refers it as perfect.

Cyborg Body

Franky is a human with artificial parts commonly known as a cyborg. His front is heavily armored and insensitive to most attacks, while his back, where he could not reach, remains vulnerable. His body is equipped with a wide variety of weapons, including rockets, an extendable right arm, the ability to breathe powerful flames as well as being able to release powerful blasts of air from multiple parts of his body. His stomach contains a refrigerator compartment that can hold up to three bottles of corato fuel him and his attacks. His personality is also affected by the type of beverage that is stored in his refrigerator compartment. He can use up large amounts of cora in an instant to launch powerful bursts of air from his arms, utilizing these blasts for techniques such as the devastating "Coup de Vent".

BF-36/Cyborg Tactics

Further information: Battle Frankies/BF-36

These modifications grant him a vast amount of strength, so much in fact that he was able to successfully overpower CP9 Members Nero and Fukuro. His back however was still wholly flesh and blood and was therefore one of his greatest weaknesses, since Franky did the modifications himself, and could not reach his back. Even without modifications, his back is dense enough to endure multiple pistol shots or a Rankyaku from an experienced Rokushiki user.

Additionally, despite having most of his anatomy reinforced with solid steel, Franky's cyborg body is buoyant enough to allow him to stay afloat on the surface of deep water. It would seem that Franky is also an excellent swimmer, and was so even before becoming a cyborg, a fact made apparent by his ability to swim faster than the sea kings that he frequently tried to slay with his series of Battle Franky's during his childhood. Using his "Franky Butterfly", he even managed to swim up the waterfalls of Enies Lobby.

Franky's left arm is primarily used as a gun; a multi-barreled machine gun can pop out of his wrist, any of his fingers can fire bullets, and by turning aside his hand, Franky can reveal a cannon in his arm that uses his left hand as a targeting device. Franky's right hand is an iron fist beneath a more normal-looking cover, and the hand has a chain that allows him to make attacks from a distance. 

Some common attacks include Strong Right: Franky launches his right fist forward and can reel it back in with a chain, similar to Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol; and Coup de Vent: Franky connects his arms with a T-shaped pipe and sends a powerful blast of concentrated air out that can destroy entire building complexes. The Coup de Vent is his most powerful attack which incidentally uses up the most cora. Franky also has the power to turn into a centaur-like form with an extra set of legs strangely extending forward from his pelvis. Despite his pride in it, it seems to do relatively little for any of his combat abilities, save for using his four legs to trap his enemy's limbs, leaving them completely at the mercy of his attacks.

It was shown during Franky's fight with Fukuro that depending on what kind of drink Franky has, it can change his hair style and attitude when Chopper accidentally hands him vegetable juice and tea. It also shows that Franky's strength is many times greater when he has more bottles of cora in his stomach fridge, and he needs it as a fuel for certain attacks. His hair acts as a kind of meter to the amount of cora in his stomach, being tall if he is full and sagging if empty. Franky's stomach compartment can hold up to three bottles, or six liters, of cora.

BF-37/Armored Me

Further information: Battle Frankies/BF-37

After two years, Franky has incredibly modified his body and became much larger and physically more powerful and optimal in appearance and function, respectively. The state of the art technology designed by Dr. Vegapunk, with nearly all of the futuristic and technological aspects of the Marines and the world as a whole (i.e. the Pacifista project and the assimilation of Devil Fruits into weapons) have been incorporated into Franky's upgraded bionic modification.

It is also worth noting that Franky's original transformation into BF-36 was initiated as a quasi-surgical operation of necessity to save his life, and it is assumed was accomplished with some modicum of haste from a medical standpoint, since he suffered from massive external and internal injuries; whereas the process to become BF-37 was a two year long planned process done with highly advanced machinery in an abandoned fully-stocked, scientific laboratory, on his preexisting cyborg body, so Franky's own experience being one beforehand was likely factored in when customizing its schematics and functions, as well as understanding whatever notes and information of scientific research that Vegapunk left behind.

Franky even went the extra-mile with his modifications, adding utility functions like his "Franky Nipple Lights", and nonsense functions like his pop-out hair feature. With all this in mind, post-time skip Franky is truly a force to be reckoned with. The scientific weapons that Franky has displayed so far in the post-time skip are noticeably more offensive and destructive than his BF-36 weapons. So far, he has revealed explosive missiles housed in his large shoulders, and a modified "Coup de Vent" known as "Franky Radical Beam", that fires a powerful explosive laser beam instead of air, along with other powerful weaponry. He also features more advanced and powerful variations of the BF-36 artillery such as an improved flamethrower installed in his body that allowed him to breath out large fireballs and the machine guns installed in his new cybernetic hand to rapid fire bullets in long range combat. The fact that he was able to have laser beams in his arsenal despite the fact it was said that only Vegapunk was able to create them further proves Franky's engineering mastery. His engineering skills also extend to anatomy as he modified himself into a cyborg and was able to perfectly understand Vegapunk's notes on animal modification and his Pacifista project.

He is still fueled by cora, and now has enough capacity to endure a prolonged fight with Senor Pink, Dellinger, Machvise, and the Marines led by Bastille that were stationed at Dressrosa, before needing to fall back on his reserve cora. As with his previous body, Franky could not reach his back, and there it is left unmodified.

BF-38/Franky Shogun

Further information: Battle Frankies/BF-38

The Franky Shogun is a giant robot modeled after its name, a shogun, and is a one person weapon/vehicle, Franky himself is able to pilot it inside a control room in the chest and can operate it from there. It is equipped with a giant marauder's sword named "Franken". However, because he is rather inept at using a sword, the attacks he uses are seemingly ineffective, and it sometimes appears most of its projectile armaments are purely from Franky himself. Franky can also use the giant fists to deliver powerful punches and can also slam its heavy body on his enemies to crush them.

At first the shogun seemed mostly useless as many of its attacks came from Franky himself, however it was not until his battle against Baby 5 and Buffalo that its strength was truly shown. It has been shown to possess both powerful weaponry and be extremely tough and resilient to damage, for it was able to take a point blank missile attack from Baby 5 that only managed to knock it over without doing any damage. His robot is also capable of launching an attack similar to both his Coup de Vent and Franky Radical Beam known as his "General Cannon", which fires a large blast of compressed air at his opponent(s). Franky compares the power of this attack to Thousand Sunny's "Gaon Cannon". The robot can also provide protection against any outside agents, as Franky used it to stand in the middle of a huge cloud of Caesar Clown's H2S gas completely unaffected.


Though not at the same level as Usopp, Franky is an expert marksman, having great accuracy in using all the long range artillery he had built and installed into his body. On Fishman Island, Franky easily blasted down multiple fishmen with the cannons in his shoulders. At Dressrossa, he shot down numerous members of the Donquixote Pirates while attempting to break into the Toy House.


Though Franky is seldom seen carrying weapons (owing to the fact that he stores several within his body), he has been shown to wield tools and implements from time to time, most notably his carpentry tools, though at other times, he is seen carrying conventional weapons that he seems to be able to wield proficiently. Such weapons include custom-built nunchucks and hand-held cannons. 


  • Franky has three jolly rogers: One has been used by Toei Animation, and one drawn by Oda in a SBS, and a third post-timeskip jolly roger:
    • The Toei jolly roger has Franky' skull viewed from the side, modified to look crescent-shaped, with sunglasses. The crossbones consist of a normal bone in the upper right, with bulky bones going from upper left to lower right having star marks on them. Behind that is a linked circle of chains.
    • Oda's pre-time skip jolly roger has Franky's skull with his trade mark hairstyle. The right half of the skull above the jaw is black instead of white, with three white screws above the eye socket. It has normal crossbones behind the skull, but on either side of the skull and crossbones, it has Franky's bulky popeye arms with the star tattoos clearly showing.
    • Oda's post-timeskip jolly roger has Franky's skull with a buzz-cut and sunglasses. The crossbones is made up of a saw and hammer. Behind the crossbones is Franky's BF-37 logo and in the background is a large star.
  • Before the Straw Hats arrived at Water 7, Luffy drew a childish picture of what he wanted the future shipwright to look like. This bad drawing is similar in appearance to Franky.
  • The first ship he built that managed to achieve his original goal of beating a Sea King was the BF-35 (the 35th 'Battle Franky').
    • Franky also wrote BF-36 separately on both of his shoulders, making him the 36th Battle Franky and implying that he can kill a Sea King. The latter is confirmed during Thriller Bark, when he revealed his Hakugeki Ho.
    • After two years of separation with the crew, he now has a huge cyborg body that has BF-37 on both of his shoulders, pointing out his new form making him the newest model, Battle Franky 37.
  • When he is not working in his room within Sunny, he keeps his tools in his swim briefs.
    • However, in the time skip, he now appears to store his tools inside his arms.
  • Franky's current hair style after the two year timeskip first appeared in Mugiwara Theatre - Red-Hair of Class 3 - Sea Time.
  • Franky also bears a resemblance to the American cartoon character "Popeye the Sailorman". They both share similarly large tattooed forearms, are both 34 years old (pre-timeskip), and both rely on food for immediate energy and power (spinach and cora, respectively).
  • The name Cutty Flam is a reference to the sailing ships Cutty Sark and Fram.
  • Despite Franky having a trademark soundtrack when he is in action, the soundtrack played wasn't developed to be a theme only for him, as the theme "Serious Battle" can be heard before in the series in Episodes 97 (when Luffy escapes from a Sandora lizard) and 114 (when Usopp uses his "Usopp Pound"). Apart from that, the complete soundtrack has a first part as one of Sanji's trademark themes and the second part as Chopper's trademark theme. This is maybe because the theme was created in order for Sanji, Chopper, and perhaps Usopp have a theme when they were fighting.
  • One of the shirts Franky wears in opening 12 is the same shirt Luffy wears in the Dressrosa Arc.
  • In the 4th Japanese fan poll, he came out as the thirteenth most popular character. While this was fairly high, it still made him the least popular of the Straw Hats. Franky's real name, Cutty Flam, was also ranked in 100th place in the same poll.
    • In the 5th fan poll, he came out sixteenth, dropping 3 places, but was overtaken by Brook as the least popular Straw Hat.
  • In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Franky's taunt action for his post-timeskip version allows him to cycle between different hairstyles. It requires the player to hold the taunt button for 3 seconds for it to take effect, which is a reference to him having to press his nose for 3 seconds to change hairstyles.
  • In the non-canon Lovely Land Arc, when the crew comes across some sail-less pirates, Franky revealed he had knowledge of the Davy Back Fights; however, in the Adventure of Nebulandia (which is also non-canon), when Foxy challenged the Straw Hat Pirates to the game, Franky was the one inquiring for what it was.


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