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Flora is a character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Flora is one of the three good fairies who live with Master Yen Sid in his tower,


Flora is between the other two fairies in terms of weight and dresses in a red dress and cape, with a gold skirt under the dress with gold cuffs. Her cape is secured by a rectangular, gold broach. Her wings are small, triangular, and have a faint, red tint. Her hat is also red, and the cloth wrapped around it is gold.


The three fairies can fly with their fairy wings and teleport in the form of magic sparks.

Their main source of magic lies in their three magic wands, which have the power to create, shapeshift as well as erase things. They can also use their magic to minimize their size. Since they are fairies of good, they can only use their magic to bring joy and happiness, and aren't very useful in combat. However, they can use it to neutralize danger.

During Ventus's battle with Maleficent, they create a protective circle to shield him from Maleficent's sleeping magic and assist him in fighting her.


  • The scene when the three fairies remember Maleficent and went to inform Yen Sid was altered in the English version. In Japanese version, the fairies simply disappeared; in the English version, they turned into a ball of light much like in the original Disney animation.


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