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Flim is a character from the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise.

Flim is the twin brother of Flam and co-owner of the Flim Flam Brothers' Everything Under the Sun Emporium.

In the AWA fics, Flim appeared at Chapter 6 of All Worlds Alliance Mission - Rainbow Rocks.


Flim is a tall and very slim man. He has a pale, olive skin tone, a curly red hair with white stripes and has pistachio eyes. He wears blue & white striped vests over white shirts and black ribbon ties and white pants with a red belt and blue & white leather shoes.


Flim and Flam only appear in the short A Case for the Bass, where they run a pawn shop called "The Flim Flam Brothers' Everything-Under-The-Sun Emporium". The brothers try to swindle Applejack when she comes to retrieve her bass guitar that Granny Smith had accidentally sold them at a garage sale for two dollars. When Applejack proves her ownership of the bass, the two compromise her into working as their costumed spokesperson to pay off the instrument.


  • Flim has a pony counterpart with the same name.


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