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Fate Testarossa Harlaown is one of the main characters from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime and manga.

Fate is Nanoha Takamachi's rival and, later, lifelong friend and partner. She first encounters Nanoha during the Jewel Seed Incident, when the two clash over the Lost Logia that Fate is attempting to collect for her abusive mother Presea Testarossa. Defeated by Nanoha and abandoned by her mother, Fate eventually finds her new purpose in the service of the Administrative Bureau, working together with them and with Nanoha to resolve the Book of Darkness Incident half a year later. Over the next ten years, Fate becomes one of the top Executive Officers of the Bureau, tasked with apprehending the interdimensional criminal Dr. Jail Scagliettiand later on, with investigating the activities of the Hückebein family.

In the AWA fics, Fate is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 8 as it's Class Representative.

In the XP4 fics, Fate is allies with the Heroes Coalitions and is an unofficial honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom.


Fate has a long blonde hair tied in a low ponytail with a black ribbon and had dark red eyes, she is currently wearing a white cloak over a dark dress coat with white patterns and red belt around her stomach part, black office skirt with white & red patterns, black thigh-high socks with red lining, silver shoes with yellow metal pads, on her right hand was a black glove and on her left arms is a silver metallic gauntlet.


Fate is a very serious and strong-willed person. At first, she was rather cold to Nanoha, but starts to show her kind and protective side after realizing how much Nanoha has reached out to her. Learning of her own origins has led her to question herself, and at times wonder about her own worth, but after seeing Alicia in the Book Of Darkness, she has come to see herself as her own person. She is especially driven to solve incidents similar to the one that happened with her mother, and ensure that other children do not have to suffer like she did. Fate tends to worry about others fairly often, especially Nanoha in wake of the incident in which she was nearly crippled, and her children, Erio, Caro and Vivio. As a result, she is more permissive and protective as a parent than Nanoha, running over to Vivio when she trips rather than having her come to her. Despite her toughness, she is shown to be very shy at times, often blushing several times in the anime. Jail Scaglietti also speculated that the reason Fate adopted Erio and Caro is because she wanted to obtain the love she lost before, and that her feelings towards Erio and Caro are similar to Presea's feelings for Alicia. Fate has neither confirmed nor denied these suspicions.


Fate's magical abilities developed at an astonishing rate, according to her home teacher Rynith. Thanks to her lightning-type Mana Conversion Affinity, she learned electricity-based attacks faster than other magical types, something that her mother Presea also specialized in. At the age of seven, she had already mastered several abilities to the point of not requiring the incantations. Behind Rynith's back, she also studied how to create and handle familiars. Her usual command phrase for shooting spells is "Fire!".

Fate specializes in mid-range and melee attacks, preferring speed to power and endurance. This was a result of the training that her mother demanded, which sacrificed the flexibility of a wide range of abilities for raw speed. Fate is widely considered to be the fastest character in the Nanoha universe and is able to keep up with anyone without any speed-enhancing spells (which would make her even faster). After the events in Nanoha, she trains with Chrono to address the gaps in her initial training. Fate is an expert in aerial combat, on par with (if not better than) Nanoha herself.

Fate's personal incantation for the setup of Bardiche in Nanoha is "Arcus Cultus Aegeas". Generally she uses this to concentrate her energies, especially before unleashing a powerful attack


Arc Saber -  is an unusual shooting spell of Fate Testarossa which can only be used while Bardiche is in Scythe Form. It consists of throwing Bardiche's compressed mana blade at the target like a boomerang. Although the range is only middling and the projectile speed is not high, it can "bite" barriers and its varying route is more difficult to defend or dodge. Because of this, Fate can use the spell to trick her opponents. Its power is also fairly powerful, as Fate uses it to great effect during her fights against Nanoha Takamachi.

Blade Impulse - is Fate Testarossa's shockwave attack launched from Bardiche Assault's Zanber blade.

Blitz Action - is a supportive spellused by Fate Testarossa to increase movement speed dramatically in the short range, to the point where human eyes cannot track her.

Defenser - is a barrier-type defensive spellwhich has lower mana consumption and faster casting speed than the basic E-ranked Protection barrier. By the time of StrikerS, the Modern Belkan system has also developed its namesake spell.

Dimensional Transfer - is the spell to teleportacross dimensions.

Hornet Javelin - is Fate T. Harlaown's bombardment attack in the movie continuity, fired with Bardiche Hornet's Javelin Form.

Jacket Purge -  is a defensive function of a mage's Barrier Jacket, with which the caster takes the initiative to "unravels" in a second all the mana used to comprise his/her Barrier Jacket to cause a blast. It creates a shock to the surrounding area and can disrupt binding spells. However, the caster will be vulnerable for a few moments after purging the Jacket, and requires mana to rebuild it.

Jet Smasher - is a high-speed bombardment spell used by Rynith, first introduced in The Gears of Destiny. Since Rynith is the magic teacher of Fate Testarossa, Jet Smasher is presumably the base or precursor spell of Thunder Smasher, another bombardment attack used by Fate in the early stage.

Jet Zanber - is Fate Testarossa's mana slash attack on large opponents, by elongating Bardiche Assault's Zanber blade. It has the effect of defence-breaking, which can break the opponent's barrier while hack-chopping it.

Lightning Bind - is Fate Testarossa's binding spell, with a unique function to increase the power of lightning spells in the nearby.

Multi-Defenser - is a defensive spell which generates a string of shields of different nature to protect the caster from incoming area attacks (e.g. wide area explosion) or high-power attacks (e.g. bombardments) etc. It consumes a large amount of mana and takes some time for the shield generation.

Photon Lancer - is the signature shooting spell wielded by Fate Testarossa, who has learned it from Rynith. It appears to be Fate's basic shooting attack and can be cast without an Intelligent Device.

Photon Lancer Multishot - is a multiple-bolt variation of Photon Lancer. In fact, it can be seen as a consecutive-shooting variation (similar to Stinger Ray), as each "Photon Sphere" fires and restores after another, rather than all of them firing at the same time.

Physical Heal - is a basic healing spell, mainly learnt by mages of the back positions.

Piercing Lancer - is a melee-type spell cast by Fate Testarossa in The MOVIE 1st, with Bardiche in his Glaive Form. Along the high-speed assault of Fate, this attack aims at breaking through the barrier or shield defense of the target.

Plasma Arm - is a grappling spell that Vivio obtains from Fate T. Harlaown, possibly an offensive variation of Thunder Arm. It converts mana into electricity that winds the arms, then punches to give damages.

Plasma Barret - is a shooting spellcast by Fate Testarossa in StrikerS, being the guided bolt version of Plasma Lancer. Although its power and speed are worse than Plasma Lancer, the simple guiding function can enable a surrounding attack. As there would be electronic explosion upon hit, it has a wide effective area. In StrikerS, Fate uses it to attack Quattro and Dieci whose raid is defended by Nanoha in Exceed Mode.

Plasma Lancer - is a shooting spellcast by Fate Testarossa. It is a further development of Photon Lancerafter Bardiche is upgraded to Bardiche Assault in A's. When cast, Fate generates multiple electric spheres surrounded by Midchildan loops that charges their power and speed, and shoots the projectiles in the shape of arrowheads towards the opponent. Unlike Photon Lancer, which can only go in one direction, with the command phrase "Turn" Fate can stop the Plasma Lancer shots and point them in another direction if the opponent dodges. Speed and power can be boosted if only a single bolt is used.

Plasma Smasher - a bombardment attack possessed by Fate Testarossa, is an enhanced version of Thunder Smasher, after Bardiche is upgraded as Bardiche Assault in A's. Unlike Thunder Smasher, however, it is usually cast from Fate's palm instead of from Bardiche. A pure mana attack with lightning, Plasma Smasher is specialised for speed battle in the mid-to-cross range, sacrificing the maximum reach for power and casting speed. When fired, Midchildan loops are used for acceleration and power boost, showing Fate's control skill as an all-round attacker.

Plasma Zanber - is Fate Testarossa's bombardment attack, fired with Bardiche Assault's Zanber Form. With a speedy ceremonial magic, lightning strikes are generated and charged onto Bardiche's Zanber blade. Such energy, combined with Fate's own mana and that from Bardiche's cartridges, is unleashed as a gigantic bombardment to completely destroy the opponent.

Round Shield - is the basic Midchildan shield-type defensive spell, comparable to the Ancient Belkan Panzerschild and Modern Belkan Tri Shield.

Scythe Slash - is a mana slashattack cast by Fate Testarossa, while Bardiche is in Scythe Form. The nature of this spell is to strengthen the energy blade of Bardiche, and to grant it barrier-piercing ability. The strengthened blade is sharp enough to cut through steel.

Sealing - is a spell to seal any magic program from reacting with others. Throughout the series, it is mainly cast to render dangerous (corruptive) magical artifacts inert and safe.

Sonic Move - is a supportive spell used by Fate Testarossa for high speed movements in the long range, boosting her flight speed. When Fate is in her Sonic Form Barrier Jacket, she does not require extra activation process to use this spell. By the time of StrikerS, Fate has additionally taught it to Erio Mondial. As Erio is ground-based in battles, his version is tuned for boosting the speed of dashes and jumps. By jumping between the ground and walls, Erio can move at multi-dimension for attacks and evasion.

Sonic Sail - is a high-mobility supportive spell ubiquitously cast when Fate Testarossa is in her Sonic Form Barrier Jacket in A's. Similar to Nanoha Takamachi's Flier Fin, mana wings are generated near her wrists and ankles.

Splash Edge - is a mana slash attack cast by Fate Testarossa, while Bardiche is in Standby Form. The spell turns the raw mana into an energy blade for slashing, with the company of electricity effect and shock damage.

Sprite Zanber - is Fate Testarossa's spell designed to destroy force fields, illusions, set traps, reactive capture spells and other effects with Bardiche Assault's Zanber blade. It is an mana slash attack with declining effects.

Thunder Arm - is a zero-range application skill prepared by Fate Testarossa Harlaown for defense-counter and fortifying during melee battles or infights. By converting mana into electricity and concentrating it at a body part, i.e. Fate's left arm/gauntlet in this spell, the body or weapon of the contacting opponent will be subject to electric shock. For simplicity, it is classified as a field-type defensive spell.

Thunder Blade - a lock-on multi-target attack, is the power-up version of Fate Testarossa's Thunder Rage, wherein compressed mana blades are generated and shot to destroy the opponent with electric explosion. As it does not contain the original binding effect, its physical and magical powers are enhanced. The blades can detonate on the command phrase "Break!".

Thunder Bullet - is a single-bolt shooting spell cast by Fate Testarossa in The MOVIE 1st, probably a MCA version of the basic Midchildan shooting spell Shoot Barret. Thunder Bullet is a high-speed penetration bolt emphasising "defense penetration". Although the bolt is one-off and takes time to generate, its power is high thanks to the penetration effect and the electricity effect enchanted.

Thunder Fall - is a ceremonial spell cast by Fate Testarossa to manipulate weather. It can be utlized as an "isolated strike" wide-area attack, as seen in StrikerS manga.

Thunder Rage - is a lock-on multi-target attack possessed by Fate Testarossa. In substance, Thunder Rage is a two-stage spell which first instantly binds the targets with the thunderlight, and then create damages on all bound targets with the thunder. It is Fate's most powerful aria-free attack spell in the early stage, cast with Bardiche's Sealing/Glaive Form. Without Bardiche, Fate can still cast the spell with an aria.

Thunder Smasher - is Fate Testarossa's bombardment attack, fired with Bardiche's Device Form. It is usually fired from a Midchildan Circle muzzle by striking Bardiche onto/through it.


  • Fate is actually a clone of Alicia, Precia's first daughter who died. Despite being abused by Precia because she didn't turned out exactly like Alicia, Fate still loved her mother and views Alicia as an older sister.
  • Fate is the most popular character of the franchise.
  • Fate's codename is Lightning 1 in Riot Force 6, and Riot 1 in Special Duty Section 6.
  • Fate's base magical color is golden, which is said to be rare among mages. She's also one of the strongest TSAB mages and considered by many to be the fastest, hence her other title "Golden Flash".


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