Excalibur Sonic, also written as Excalibur-Sonic, is a transformation that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is the form Sonic the Hedgehogassumed with the magic of the sacred swords, Caliburn included, for the final battle against the Dark Queen, an enhanced form of Merlina the Wizard.


Unlike most of Sonic's other normal transformations, Sonic himself does not undergo any physical change. Instead, he dons shining golden armor covering his entire body (except for his tail), and he carries Excalibur in his right hand. A red cape runs down the back of his armor.

Powers and Abilities

In this form, Sonic is renowned as the ultimate Knight, hinting a high level of skill and power.[1] He has increased strength, allowing him to deflect the massive sword strikes from the Dark Queen's spectral form, and the ability to fly, along with the ability to use his own Soul Surge. He also gains a move similar to his Quick Step, allowing him to roll to the right or left to evade attacks. His attacks are also more close-combat based, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses, and he can channel golden energy into his strikes for more devastating damage.


As Excalibur Sonic, Sonic wields Caliburn in his legendary form, Excalibur, the greatest of all the sacred swords. With it, Excalibur Sonic can cut through anything and deflect magical energy projectiles. He can also use Excalibur for his most powerful attack where he thrusts Excalibur directly through his opponent while enveloped in a golden energy meteor.

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