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Elise Pearson is one of the main character from the Dan Vs animated series.

Chris' wife and a friendly-ish acquaintance to Dan, she is unhappy with her husband's friendship with Dan, but knows he usually won't say no. She is as dangerous as she is attractive, being a quasi-government spy, something Chris is unaware about.

In the XP4 fics, Elise debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries.

In the AWA fics, Elise is a student at the AWA Academy and yet to make an appearance.


Elise has an athletic build to her body, maroon shoulder-length hair and purple, dilated eyes. She normally wears a white shirt with red cuffs, blue hip-hugger jeans, and red sneakers.

She has been seen in other outfits, most notably several infiltration outfits, such as her ninja outfit, consisting of a typical, full-body ninja outfit with a flowing, red scarf that covers the bottom half of her face and flies out behind her.


Elise is depicted as Chris's sweet, intelligent, and fiery wife who is there to keep him out of trouble and be there for him when he is hurt. She does, however, also have a harsher side, which even rivals Dan. This side only surfaces when she gets very cross with something or someone, such as when she devastated New Mexico using a stolen space ship or when she showed little concern for Chris's and Dan's well-being while trying to win a dancing contest to fulfill her childhood dream.

Elise loves her husband and doesn't always approve of him hanging out with Dan or helping him with his revenge plots, but never tries to stop him. While she usually doesn't get along with Dan, on occasion they get along well, and are even almost friendly towards each other. She has assisted him with his schemes, though they are usually pretty hostile to one another. Elise has a brother named Ben, who, along with her parents, seems to not like Chris very much. It has been hinted in a few episodes that she wants children, but Chris is reluctant for unknown reasons.

She is an agent for the government with her codename being Dancing Shadow, and has kept this a secret from everyone, including her parents and even Chris. She has a strong phobia of magicians due to a traumatic experience in her childhood. She has had multiple boyfriends in the past, and in one episode her parents even tried to set her up with one named Colby, the only one they ever approved of, but she remained loyal to Chris.

XP4 Fanfics

Elise is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the DAN Army as it's second-in-command. She also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 16, Elise decided to visit the Training Camp and met up her husband, Chris Pearson and the others in the mini kitchen. The others left the mini kitchen as the two had a conversation, Elise then revealed that she's a government agent, causing Chris to faint in shock. After Mario Martinez dozes him awake, Chris told her that he doesn't mind that she's a government agent and is very proud of her, much to her joy before sharing a kiss but the moment is ruined when Dan Mandel interrupted. After the other rejoined them, Elise then decided to join the Heroes Coalitions and Dan made a comment towards her which angers her on the process as Chris, Venoct, Nyaruto Nyazumaki and Chie Satonaka had to hold on to her to keep her from killing Dan.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Mission Chronicles

In Chapter 3, Elise is mentioned by Aria "Arinah" Sakurada getting dragged by Regan Bladeworks and Lyndel Flambruge to Marcia Imperial's store.


Elise is the top operative for a shadow quasi-governmental agency specializing in arms deals, espionage, and assassinations undercover as a simple wife of a dopey man.She shows some definite ninjutsu skills and often has dressed like one when performing stealthy operations.


  • She, Chris and Dan are one of the few characters to appear in every episode of the series.
  • Her true identity was revealed in The Family Cruise. (but the ocean hole they went through sent them 24 hours before time, though leaked time cookies have pasted also when Dan predicted what would happen)
  • She has been shown to have incredible ninja skills and the ability to fly a complex alien spacecraft.
  • She owns a Ninjato (ninja sword).
  • In The Beach, Elise hints that she wanted a child. But in Elise's Parents, she seems rather freaked out about the thought of children. Her desire to have children is later reinforced during the episode Parents.
  • Her reluctance to having kids during Elise's Parents may stem from the fact that it was her parents suggesting it and not herself.
  • Throughout the series so far, Elise is only twice defeated in combat: during Technology, when Barry Ditmer's android Ilsa manages to put a mind control device on her head and in episode The Mechanic, when she's defeated by Dan in his giant mecha-robot.
  • She has a more Ally-type relationship with Dan in Season 1 more than any other season.
  • in The Magician, Elise is shown to have Magosophobia, do the fact that a child she was volunteered to perform dangers magic act, such as being sawed in half, knife throwing, and being placed in a box, while Magnifico the Magnificent would stab large knives at it with Elise inside.
  • In The Telemarketer, Elise was put in Dan's revenge list but immediately got removed when Dan saw her beat up Chris' old boss.
  • Her code name, "Dancing Shadow", might have something to do with Elise's love of dancing that was shown in Dancing (episode).


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