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Dutch is one of the main characters from the Black Lagoon anime and manga.

A laconic African-American swiftboat veteran; the leader of the Lagoon Company and the captain of the "Black Lagoon".

In the AWA fics, Dutch is a student at the AWA Academy.


He is a heavily muscled African-American, completely bald, wears a flak-jacket, military fatigues, US military jungle boots, and is always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses as his eyes are never shown. He appears to be in his 30s, but is most likely in his 40s, given his apparent military service in Vietnam.


Dutch tends to stay away from the fighting associated with Lagoon Company's activities. Instead, he gives orders and negotiates contracts with clients, usually Balalaika of Hotel Moscow. However, Dutch is very capable in combat if need be. He is a calm, easygoing character, and most of the time, is quite friendly. He is also displayed as a mentor figure towards Rock. He is also a Christian of unknown denomination.

Dutch functions as the leader and primary negotiator of The Lagoon Company. He is incredibly level-headed and always committed to completing missions, even when those missions might contrast with his morals. For instance, in Rasta Blasta, Dutch told Rock to try to maintain as detached from Garcia Lovelace as possible, as to not make himself feel guilty about transporting a child as cargo knowing they were partaking in human trafficking.

Dutch is also highly pragmatic; during the group's assault on the Neo-Nazi ship, he calls out Revy for taking her anger out on non-combatants, going so far as to compare her to the mass murderer Charles Whitman. He doesn't particularly care about the civilians' lives, but having one of his employees going around killing whomever she pleases makes his company come off as disorganized and unprofessional, and that is something he will not tolerate. He also avoids taking high-paying but dangerous jobs because those kinds of jobs are a quick way to get someone killed.

Dutch represents the strongest level-head in the group, where Revy overreacts and becomes violent and where Rock and Benny freak out, Dutch remains calm, cool, and collected even in the most dangerous situations. Dutch has the respect of the entire Lagoon company, even being able to keep Revy in check when the situation calls for it, as seen in "Calm Down, Two Men". Dutch also has the respect and admiration of Balalaika for his past services, and for once saving her life years before the start of the series when Balalaika was shot in a duel with Chang, as mentioned in the OVA. Overall, Dutch represents a calm, cool, and collected mercenary who is committed to his missions and commands respect.


Dutch is a badass driver, at one point he drives the Lagoon at full speed at a wrecked freighter to use it as a ramp in order to get airborne and shoot a torpedo at a helicopter. Granted, it was Rock's idea, but Dutch deserves kudos for actually pulling it off.

Dutch uses a .44 Magnum in taking down his targets.


  • Dutch alongside Revy are the first characters from Black Lagoon to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • He's apparently modeled after Ving Rhames' character Marsellus Wallace from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, with a very similar calm manner and mentor-like personality.
  • Dutch seems to be an avid fan of philosophy. At one point, he is seen reading Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, has books by Nietzsche and Hume on his bookshelf, and is familiar with Sartre.


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