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Drake Garek is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Drake is a 27 years old businessman, entrepreneur, detective and politician.

Drake is currently a member of the Heroes Coalition and is part of the Triumph Division.


Drake is male adult with a dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. He is currently wearing a blue dress-shirt tucked inside a black trouser, red necktie and black leather shoes.


Not much is known about Drake but he seems to be laid-back, sarcastic and blunt. He is also pretty strict when comes to the rules of safety and would often scolds anyone who cross it. He also has a habit of presenting things with a PowerPoint.


It is unknown if Drake is a Blessed or not. So far, Drake's only fighting move demonstrated is spinning someone on his shoulders.


  • Drake is considered to be a Romance Detective OC.
  • Drake originates from Lovebloom City.
  • Drake is the ex-boyfriend of Rose aka the Romance Detective.
  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actors for Drake are Adam Harrington (Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us) and Kazuya Ichijo (Ban Yasuji from Chaos;Head).


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