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Dr. Michael Pating is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Michael is a 45-years old anthropomorphic shark and is the one who created the portal machines and devices that is used by heroes to go to different worlds.

Michael debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries.


He is once a resident from New Meridian and was once an aspiring scientist until a failed expedition ruined his reputation, it was also revealed that his wife left him for unknown reasons. He also once worked in the Anti-Skullgirls Lab until it was destroyed.


Michael is an anthropomorphic black bull shark wearing a white round glasses, white labcoat and black boots.


He is polite but easily gets nervous while talking to females but surprisingly he unwillingly attracts them. He is hardworking, understanding and friendly. However, he has a fear of failure due to his past experience.

XP4 Fanfics

Dr. Pating is currently the Head of the Science and Research Department of the Heroes Coalitions. He is also an instructor at the Vanguard Academy.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 7, Dr. Pating, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, is present in the Mission Briefing Room in the Training Facility where he brief the teams about their mission in the Halidom of Ylisse after that, Dr. Pating watches them depart.

In Chapter 15, Dr. Pating narrated his back story before coming to Neo-City. Michael is seen working in his office at the Training Camp when he saw Squigly & Leviathan having a conversation with Wesley Bryans when remembers something before deciding to leave his office. After meeting with Samurai Jack and the Scotsman in the hallways where the two offered him to join them for lunch but he declined. He later enters the mini-kitchen to see Mario Martinez cooking and Ashley Plutia Iris Heart sleeping on a table, he then told Mario that he's heading towards New Meridian which the president allowed him to. Later, he arrives in New Meridian and visited the decimated Lab 8 where he is reunited with the Peacock Gang and after having a brief reunion, he convinced th Peacock Gang to join the Heroes Coalitions. Later back in Neo-City, he is seen alongside Mario having a conversation while watching Peacock had a conversation with Squigly, Leviathan and Wesley when Ashley appears before him with keen interest, much to his discomfort.


He is a Blessed and his Gift is called Thor's Lightning which gives him the ability to manipulate blue colored lightning and use it in offensive battles. He is also very skilled in close combat.


  • He looks up to Peacock like a daughter.
  • His last name is a Tagalog word for shark.
  • He is currently dating Tabane Shinonono.
  • Dr. Pating is considered to be a Skullgirls OC.
  • He has a cousin named Stanley, a character from Skullgirls.
  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actor for Michael is Jason Saldana (Lavernius Tucker from Red vs Blue) and Nobuyuki Hiyama (Seiichi Kinoshita from Shirobako).

Notable Quotes

  • (to Madoka Orimura) "I never wanted to do this to a young girl but you're a threat to this world!"


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