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Dead Master is a character from the Black Rock Shooter anime.

A girl with two horns and the "Dead Scythe". Seems to be followed around by two telepathic skulls, which she uses as weapons. She also has powers over chains.

Appears to have a yandere characteristics and is the "other self" of Yomi Takanashi.

In the AWA fics, Dead Master is known as Miyuki Sawashiro and is a student at the AWA Academy.


Her hair is (possibly) in two wavy pony tails and it is black. She wears a black dress with a ruffled lace edge and a white bow tied to the waist. It has long sleeves with the same trim. Under the dress she wears black leggings with green ribbons laced between the edges, which are slightly ruffled themselves. She wears a sheer veil with bright green horns tearing through it, possibly holding it in place. These horns are tall and slightly curved. On her back there is a pair of wings which are bright green like her horns and appear as a thick zig zag.

Like all of the "other selves" in the anime, her green eyes have a circular pattern in them.

Her weapon of choice is a large scythe named Dead Scythe. She has an entire skeletal army under her control, as well as her two massive-sized floating skulls all with glowing cavities, which she uses to attack. She also uses chains as a weapon to capture Black★Rock Shooter.


She is somewhat sympathetic, while at the same time very brutal in battle. She appears to be under the influence of Chariot, and after being freed from this, is captured by Black★Gold Saw, becoming antagonistic towards Black★Rock Shooter after both she and Yomi lose control.

In the AWA fics, Dead is somewhat docile but is very overprotective towards Yomi both physically and emotionally.


Despite having wings, she can't fly but rather, uses athletic skills in combat. She uses necromancy to revive her minions. She also proves to be a good fighter who has proficiency in martial arts. She also uses her weapon with deadly proficiency. It seems that she has an extremely powerful control over these chains, some times moving them by touching and whipping them while other times they seem to act on their own as she does not touch them while they are manipulated.


  • In the AWA fics, Dead's name, Miyuki Sawashiro is derived from her voice actress with the same name.
  • Her blood is green.
  • This incarnation of Dead Master's appearance may be influenced by (or even a fusion with) Black★Devil Girl due to being more similar to her with glasses and extra green motif.
  • Compared to other incarnations, she is not shown often accompanied by two floating skulls. She is only accompanied by her skulls during the whole duration of her fight with B★RS, unlike her OVA counterpartwho is always accompanied by two skulls.
  • Her implications as "Dead Master" is proven, as she was shown to have been using necromancy to revive her minions.
  • She is the only "other self" who was not dismembered or had lost a body part.
  • Her Nendoroid does not have the green-colored tips on her claws. Her figma, however, does.


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