Damascus is a mysterious character and is the antagonist of the All Worlds Alliance Missions - Tales of the Worlds fic and a starter villain in the Twisted World Animania fan-comics & novels.

Damascus was a member of the Apostles of the New World but after his defeat, he joined the AWA and later serves as one of it's many instructors.

Damascus debuted in Twisted World Animania - The Beginning of the Start.


Damascus is a tall man with an undetermined age. He has a Caucasian skin tone, a spiky blue hair, yellow eyes and a tattoo on his left face that resembles a bar code. He wears a thick dark cloak, black pants, black gloves and boots.


As a member of the Apostles, Damascus enjoys creating mayhem and does not care over who he hurts, stating that he is doing nothing wrong. Damascus is cocky and playful, often teasing his enemies to get them riled up. Yet he is surprisingly polite and patient, and would give anyone respect if they ever beat him.

As a member of the AWA, Damascus remains the same but his mellowed out and very cooperative to his new comrades. He states he's still a bad guy only to be part of the good guys.


Damascus has the ability to summon different creatures anytime he wants but the other Apostles might posses the same ability as well.

Damascus is a powerful fighter as he easily got on toe-to-toe with Purple Heart. Damascus is an extremely skilled fighter as he deliver a powerful and painful punches and kicks to his opponents.

Damascus can also absorb other's abilities and used it on his own.


  • Damascus is the first OC introduced in the AWA fics.
  • In the TWA fics, Damascus is killed at the end of The Beginning of the Start while his life is spared in the AWA fics and made a heel-face turn.


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