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Crona is a character from the Soul Eater anime and manga.

Crona is Ragnarok's meister of intentionally unclear gender, and initially worked for Medusa due to being a Tyke-Bomb. Crona is unusual for a meister because they and Ragnarok share the same body, which is a source of Squick for the heroes. Crona alternated between being homicidally insane and fearful when under Medusa, later showing a nicer side when at the DWMA.

In the AWA fics, Crona is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 7.

In the XP4 fics, Crona debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.


Physically, Crona possess an androgynous appearance with a thin body, pink hair, lavender eyes, and tall stature. Their hair is quite short with several long, large clumps, bangs straight-cut and end above the eyebrows, but do not stay very uniform. Two long pieces of hair extend from the bangs and hang low over Crona's face.

Crona's attire consists of a long black old-style robe that is tight-fitting and ends at the mid-calf level on their legs. The robe is completed with large white cuff-links at the ends of each sleeve and a tall white button-up collar at the neck. Black slipper-like shoes with a tall white cuff protruding out of the top are also worn. For formal occasions, Crona wears a white suit: the suit is very plain, with long pants, a coat with long sleeves and a collar. The coat appears to fasten at the front and back.

As a child, Crona wore a black knee-high dress. The dress has a rugged cut-out at the bottom, laced with several white diamonds. Like the present-day clothing, the childhood design also has a white collar and cuffs. The shoes stay relatively the same, as well. Crona's hair is shorter and simpler in this stage, but overall the same design. Also, Crona possessed large pupils.


Described by Franken Stein and his Soul Perception to have an "introverted" personality, Crona is pessimistic and doesn't hold a high opinion of themselves. Due to being raised by Medusa Gorgon, they are extremely negative as well as nervous and submissive most of the time, playing a part of their bullying from Ragnarok. Possessing a great amount of shyness, Crona cites they're unable to "deal" with many things, whether it pertains to a situation, an action, or a specific individual. This causes them to complete shut themselves down from their surroundings.

Perhaps what makes Crona a dangerous enemy is their unbalance state of mind and inclination to insanity (Madness mindset). This unbalanced state of mind originates from not only the influence of the Black Blood's Madness, but namely the abuse they suffered from the likes of both Ragnarok and Medusa as she drilled and tortured them into learning the ability to kill. Because of this, Crona is subjected to showing signs of insanity and aggression, spouting senseless comments and laughing at random moments. This level of abuse has caused them to gain a warped objective of attempting to become an Kishin in an attempt to be able to "deal" with any given subject as well as fulfill Medusa's goal and gain not only her acceptance and love but to avoid being abandoned by their parent. Of their own admittance, Crona doesn't understand the concept of morality.

After meeting Maka and their enrollment into the DWMA, Crona stated showing more positive traits and was capable of feeling the need to protect Maka, who was previously their enemy. Their placement within Death City and DWMA caused Crona to become relaxed and happy in demeanor. Much of this development was lost due to some sort of amnesia when Medusa re-integrated their Madness mindset after capturing them back into her ranks. However, Crona gained much of themselves after Medusa's passing and capture by Asura, reflecting on their actions and finding it unforgivable. In a final heroic turn, Crona even opted to seal themselves with the Asura with the usage of the Black Blood and "BREW" for the sake of Maka as well as the entire world. In the anime, their re-integration of their Madness mindset doesn't take place as Crona developed enough confidence within themselves to come to terms of Medusa's incapability to unconditionally love, recognize her cruelty and rebuke it, and even integrate themselves into DWMA's school culture.

Crona themselves possess some quirks. Their negativity has enough "destructive power" to write a poem able to evoke others to regretting their existence, even those as obnoxious as Black☆Star or the undead like Sid. Crona also has the tendency to redundantly remind others of having Black Blood in battle. Due to their shy and nervous personality, Crona has a knack for naming parts of rooms such as "Roomsky Kornerkov" (Mr. Corner in the anime) as well as having shuffling footsteps in general.

XP4 Fanfic

Crona is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Team Redemption. Crona also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 4, Crona, alongside Crona's team - Team Redemption, are seen making their way to Magnolia after finishing exterminating the Emotionless at Web Alley when they came across a group of mountain bandits and easily defeated them. After that, they arrived in Magnolia at the Fairy Tail Guild and met up with Makarov Dreyar.


Wavelength Control - As a Meister, Crona is capable of controlling their own Soul Wavelength.

  • Scream Resonance - A special type of Soul Resonance that functions ordinarily like usual Soul Resonance, except that the result instead is a high pitch scream that gives Crona's weapon (such as Ragnarok) increased cutting power through vibrations.
  • Teamwise Soul Resonance In the anime, Crona is capable of performing a Teamwise Soul Resonance with Marie Mjolnir.

Black Blood - A powerful, modified substance in which the blood within Crona is black. Resulting from the Black Blood replacing Crona's natural blood at a young age (in which contained the melted Ragnarok), this gives Crona various unique capabilities. One such is a unique bonding between them and Ragnarok which allows them to gain power after Ragnarok eats souls. They can also control and manipulate their own blood by hardening it or liquefying it themselves, making them more dangerous to especially opponents who use bladed weapons. They're also supported by Ragnarok in the manipulation.

  • Black Blood's Madness - According to the Little Ogre, this Madness allows Crona to be unable to feel fear and "deny" both their own soul and opponent's soul. This gives birth to a more erratic nature and fighting style.
  • Bloody Needle - A technique in which Crona can use spilt blood and turn them into needles, usually to surprising the opponents and skewer them.
  • Bloody Slicer - A curved projectile create after slitting their own wrist and throwing the blood and hardening it into a curved weapon.
  • Ragnarok - Due to their bond after being melted in a pot of Black Blood and and the mixture poured into Crona's bloodstream, Ragnarok and Crona share a powerful bond of Meister and Demon Weapon. Maka remarked that it's because of Ragnarok's support over their muscle system along with their movements is that Crona can perform extraordinary, strength-related feats such as blocking the Witch-Hunt with a single arm. He also regulates Crona's blood and hardens it to prevent it from damaging Crona. This capability is powerful enough to block out attacks from the Demon Scythe.
  • Transformation - Using the Black Blood's manipulation abilities, Ragnarok can morph the Black Blood into transformations.
  • Real Black Dragon - A special transformation of Rangarok's own with the Black Blood after absorbing the souls on the Ghost Ship Nidhogg (in which was called the Black Dragon). Seemingly modelling from the experience, Ragnarok transformed into a vaguely, dragon-like creature. For Crona, this allows them to have wings for flight.

Sword Master - Crona is an extremely adept swordsman, having been able easily and swiftly kill the entire Materazzi gang and battle the likes of Maka Albarn with the Demon Scythe (Soul Eater) on more then one occasion, proving to be the superior opponent in one instance. Crona's style is characterized by an erratic and crazed style in which overwhelms opponents. Crona's skill later improved and after absorbing Asura, they were skillfully capable of hold their own with Black☆Star and Maka Albarn simultaneously.


  • Crona's gender remains unknown.
  • The katakana for Crona's name is actually the last 3 katakana for Ragnarok's name in reverse.


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