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Connie Springer is a character from the Attack on Titans anime and manga.

Connie is a member of the 104th Training Corps. He ranked 8th in class, and hails from the rural Ragako village within Wall Rose, his greatest ambition being to make his family and village proud of him. Upon graduation, he joined the Survey Corps.

In the AWA fics, Connie is a student at the AWA Academy and is a part of Class 23.


Connie is one of the shorter characters in the series, standing two centimeters shorter than Levi Ackerman. He has a slim build, with gray eyes, and his brown hair is distinctively kept shaved. Connie is typically dressed in standard military garb, and will don the Survey Corps cape when on missions.

His casual attire consists of a simple long-sleeve white shirt and shin-length brown slacks.


Connie can be best described as outgoing and impetuous. He has an easy time expressing his opinions, and enjoys flaunting his skills, especially during his days as a trainee. Despite being in the military, Connie starts off as rather unfocused, and enjoys goofing around and messing with his friends, but can also be a bit dense at times.

Later, Connie's naive enthusiasm falls away after multiple close encounters with the Titans. He never becomes more serious, though to his frustration, he still has some difficulty comprehending new developments as they appear. Connie also comes to terms with his own limits, disliking his lack of power, but eager to prove his worth. Through it all, Connie remains an optimistic character, consistently caring for the well-being of others, and willing to help in any way he can.

In the AWA fics, Connie would go along with Yuuki Asaba's antics at the expense of Chizuru Tachibana.


Connie's abilities put him in the top 10 of the graduated trainees. He is said to be "slow on the uptake but makes very sharp turns". Connie's combat skills are shown to be more or less average, and he has yet to be shown successfully slaying a Titan.

Connie is noted as being one of the quickest soldiers using vertical maneuvering equipment. He is so fast that he rarely ever has to engage Titans in combat. As he can easily outmaneuver them, he is a very difficult target for Titans to catch.


  • Connie's name may have multiple meanings, either from the Celtic name "Connor," meaning "son of the wolf," or "Constantia," meaning "conviction." "Springer" is German for "knight," "leaper," and "dolphin".
  • In the AWA fics, Connie shares a room with Yuuki Asaba and Chizuru Tachibana.


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