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This are a list of Colette's attacks:

Ray Thrust - is a basic attack consisting of Colette throwing a single ring a medium distance away from her. Its attack power is fairly weak, but it does have the possibility of hitting multiple enemies. In Tales of Symphonia, repeated usage of Ray Thrust will eventually provide access to either Ray Satellite or Dual Ray Thrust, depending on whether Colette is leaning toward the "Technical" or "Strike" type of artes, respectively.

Pow Hammer - a physical attack that can be used in melee situations, often seen as a single hammer that is thrown at the enemy, spinning in the air as it arcs across the field to hit its target.

Thievery - has the user attack the enemy in an attempt to acquire an item from them. Most enemies have a "Steal Item", an item that can be stolen from the enemy once during a battle.

Toss Hammer - it is a hidden altered arte that appears randomly when Pow Hammer or any other hammer arte has been used at least 200 times. The chance of it appearing, as well as succeeding in inflicting "Poison" on the enemy, increases with the amount of Luck.

Ring Whirlwind - When used by Colette, she spins around, with her rings in each hand, hitting all enemies in close range. By repeated use of the arte, Colette will earn the advanced arte Ring Cyclone or Whirlwind Rush, which depends on whether she is going toward the "Technical" or "Strike" branch of artes.

Dual Ray Thrust -  Colette learns if her type is directed toward the "Technical" branch of artes. As opposed to its "Strike" counterpart, Ray Satellite, Dual Ray Thrust has a long range and the possibility to hit several enemies. By repeatedly using Dual Ray Thrust, Colette will eventually learn the arcane arte Triple Ray Thrust. Despite this arte not appearing in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World as an arte for Colette to use, Colette is able to use Triple Ray Thrust, which is the advanced version of this arte. However, she is able to use Dual Ray Thrust in the Radiant Mythology series, where it is influenced by the Light element.

Pow Pow Hammer - this arte was introduced as a spell, which requires a short casting period before summoning toy hammers to drop onto all the targets. In some games, it instead drops a massive toy hammer to strike the target. If the hammers hit the enemies, they will be stunned for a short period, without failure. However, the hammers may miss its target somewhat easily, especially if the target begins moving to a different position by the time the hammers appear. In later games, the arte became a master arte that can be used as a melee attack. This form of the arte summons toy hammers that can deal damage while maintaining a small chance to stun the enemy.

Grand Chariot - it is one of Colette's two combination artes, in which she combines the master versions of Ray Thrust and Pow Hammer. Upon activation, she throws two rings that cause lightning to strike

Triple Ray Thrust - Colette throws three chakrams that fly into the distance. As opposed to its "Strike" counterpart, Triple Ray Satellite, this arte has longer range and the possibility to hit several enemies. Due to the fact that Colette's stat dispersion and moveset is more fitting of that of a spellcaster, Triple Ray Thrust is usually preferred because it allows Colette to attack from a distance, whereas a spellcaster generally tries to stay in relation to the opponents. However, Triple Ray Satellite is able to attack enemies from three different locations before Colette's range, making it almost even.

Ring Cyclone - user spins around with rings in each hand, damaging all enemies around them. It is similar to its lesser version, Ring Whirlwind, though its strength and range are both higher.

Ice Hammer - releases icy hammers.

Hammer Rain - has a random chance of including Toss Hammers to inflict the "Poison" status ailment and Ice Hammers to deal Ice-elemental damage under the appropriate conditions.

Stardust Cross -  throws a small radiant orb into the air, which then explodes into numerous of stars crossing down at the enemies. If Colette is hit by an enemy before the orb has exploded, the arte is canceled. It is a combination of the advanced versions of Pow Hammer and Ring Whirlwind.

Angel Feather - after saying the incantation, rings of light shoots out toward her enemies, leaving a trail of glowing pink feathers behind.

Grand Cross - When activated, a glyph is created on the ground beneath the enemy, summoning rays of light that lift the enemy into the air, followed by a cross-shaped blast that knocks them down. 

Judgement - it is altered to create several pillars of light that strike randomly across the full battlefield for a short period of time, with the implication of divine punishment. This form of the arte is more common than its predecessor, often used in Escort Titles. The divine nature of the name also factors into its change for Philia in the PlayStation 2 release of Tales of Destiny, where she slashes down with her sword, encased in lightning. The strike knocks her target into the air and then attacks with a cross of light while healing her a bit.

Holy Song - involves spreading a holy and invigorating light across the full battlefield to boost all party members' stats while providing a small healing effect.

Holy Judgement - Colette begins the chant to Holy Song but messes up halfway through. At first, nothing happens, but then the effects of Holy Song begin, accompanied with rays of holy light raining down upon all foes from Judgment, inflicting massive damage. It is a representation of Colette's phenomenal luck, where her mistakes can turn out to be helpful to her in end.

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