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Chitose Karasuyama is one of the main characters from the D-Frag! anime and manga.

Chitose is a second year student at Fujou High School and the Vice-President of Game Creation Club (Provisional), she is also the 15th President of Fujou High School's Student Council.

In the AWA fics, Chitose is a student at the AWA Academy.


Chitose is a young and tall girl (5'6"), with long purple hair and purple eyes. She is almost always seen in her school uniform, only without the blazer and her stockings go up to her thighs.


When she was a toddler, Chitose was a shy child, and was bullied by Tama, she then became friends with Roka Shibasaki, who taught her to defend herself, which is where her more demanding and cruel personality stemmed from. Despite her cruel personality, she has shown a kinder side to Roka and Takao, and isn't as mean as one might think.


Chitose's supposed element is "Earth", and her main combat method includes punching her opponent with sand on her fist from making sand castle, throwing dirt at them, or digging traps. Chitose has a habit of burying her victims up to the neck.


  • Chitose is one year younger than Tama Sakai, ten years younger than her older sister and the same age as Roka Shibasaki.
  • Just like other characters' in D-Frag their names are reference to railway stations in Japan, Her name is derived from Chitose-Karasuyama Station.
  • According to Chitose, the only reason she became student council president is because Tama did.
  • In the AWA fics, Chitose is revealed to be in-love with someone and is heartbroken when she finds out that he's dating another girl. This person is later revealed to be Kenji Harima.


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