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Chisame Hasegawa is one of the main characters from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

Chisame is the 25th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the grumpy, unsocial computer hacker of the class, intentionally isolating herself due to her dislike of freaks and weirdos. However, Chisame secretly lives a double life as the famous web idol Chiu, where she can be popular without putting up with the local idiots. Her logical nature eventually figures out the secrets of Mahora Academy and her teacher Negi Springfield, leading to Chisame drawing closer to the magical world.

In the AWA fics, Chisame is a student at the AWA Academy.


Chisame has a long reddish-brown hair tied in a low ponytail, she has reddish-brown eyes and wear large round glasses. She usually wears her Mahora Academy uniform.


Chisame is a cynical computer geek living a double life. An overly serious pragmatist in public, Chisame is highly unsocial, intentionally secluding herself from interaction. She cynically views her classmates as idiots and freaks. Any attempts of interaction are immediately shrugged off by Chisame, choosing to either keep her nose in a book or her personal laptop computer she brings to class. Similarly, she distances herself from everyone by sitting in the farthest reaches of the class, alongside her seatmate Yue (who herself is known as a Baka Ranger who can't stand studies) or placing herself in the back of a crowd of people while letting the others act in stupid or silly ways.

However, as much as Chisame avoids any and all attention in the real world, her affairs and interaction on the internet are a completely different matter. In the privacy of her own room, the reclusive Chisame transforms into the beautiful Chiu, a famous Net Idol who runs a webpage completely devoted to herself[2]. The page is filled with pictures of Chiu cosplaying in various cute and sexy outfits dependent on her mood and the interest of her audience. Although the pictures are essentially Chisame with her hair down and in different outfits, she doctors them through the editing program "Photoshock" (a parody of Photoshop) to make herself look even more perfect than she could do on her own. Yet as much as Chisame tries to keep her Chiu side away from the knowledge or understanding of the other Mahora students, she finds out to her dismay that her teacher Negi has become a big fan of her alter ego and goes to her webpage every day.

Because of her ability to blend in or avoid interaction, Chisame is able to gain a personal, critical voice in regard to the actions and thoughts of her school, her teacher, and particularly her class. As other students celebrate or get a feel for the various interactions, she makes small comments to herself about the stupidity either of the action or of the students who applaud what is said. Similarly, Chisame nitpicks at the stupidity of the various students she is forced to surround herself with, usually getting away with the commentary outside a couple who are easier peeved than other. (such as Chizuru, whom Chisame nearly gained the wrath of for calling her an old lady in regard to her taste in activities). She particularly dislikes a group of eccentric members of her class for a variety of reasons, including Chachamaru (robot), Mana (too old for junior high school), the Narutaki twins(underage), Kū Fei, Chao, Evangeline, Kaede and Zazie ("foreign" students). Yet her most particular hatred is aimed at Negi, going crazy over the whole concept of having a ten-year old acting as their homeroom teacher. Yet in the midst of calling others crazy, Chisame worries that being a net idol would label her just as crazy as the rest of them.

The only people who know about her double life are Negi, Kotarou, Kazumi, Ayaka, and Makie. Chisame has seen and recognized Negi's inherent gift for attracting girls' affections and has tried to keep him at arm's length. This proved to be more and more difficult as she was pulled deeper and deeper into Negi's world during the Mahora Festival arc.

Despite her greatest effort in trying to not associate herself with Negi and his magic wielding friends, she is inadvertently pulled deeper and deeper into their world to the point of considering the people she once thought of as weirdos and freaks as her friends. She is much closer to Chachamaru then to most in their group, mostly because the latter often drags her into Negi's group meetings or their silly escapades.

Ironically, while Chisame gives her best efforts not to associate with real life and the magical world, it is only Chisame, along with Makie, who withstand Poyo Rainyday's fake Cosmo Entelecheia. They manage to resist the fake Cosmo Entecheia because she is a so-called "Rea-Juu", an internet slang for people whose 'Real lives' are 'completly Fulfilling'. By hearing this, Chisame suffers the biggest shock of her life, because she considered herself the extreme opposite of a "Rea-Juu" and was very proud of it.


  • PactioIdolum Virtuale (literally, "Vitual Idol): Her artifact is called Sceptrum Virtuale. It is a heart-topped staff, similar to a weapon used by magical girls. The first display of the artifacts abilities was when used in conjunction with her laptop PC, it allows her and anyone within her vicinity to enter cyberspace, upon which she can internally hack into systems using her computer knowledge to put a stop to any opponent. However, their physical bodies remain in the real word in a kind of trance-like state. Most likely, it is their astral forms which enters cyberspace. Additionally, Chisame is supported by seven virtual 'electronic spirits,' which are seen as talking, long-tailed mice. They wanted Chisame to give them names, but she didn't want to be bothered with such a task and left their names up to Makie. Their names (which are all food puns) are follows: Kincha, Hanpe, Konnya, Chikuwafu, Negi, Daiko, and Shiraraki. They aid Chisame in her battle with Chachamaru in cyberspace by downloading data, and watching out for any kind of viral attacks. The mice can also manipulate data from other computers, which allowed Chisame's webpage to become the number one Net Idol page on the Internet. They also have the ability of appearing in the real world, but only as long as an electronic device such as a computer or cell phone is active nearby and has enough power. If not, then the mice go into hibernation mode to save energy. As the series of progressed Chisame was able to destroy an illusionary prison without the need to go into cyberspace by simply communicating and managing the electronic spirits. By the time they have returned to the real world she was able to hack into other people's artifacts and use them as her own, although this may be limited to the more electronic or scientific artifacts, like Chachamaru's.
    • Software & Computer Knowledge: Chisame has created her own net idol webpage and currently stars herself as Net Idol Chiu. She is well versed in using image-enhancing programs such as Photoshock and digital cameras to make herself look more enticing.
    • Hacking Abilities: She is able to hack into large databases using nothing more than a laptop computer, and is able to put up firewalls and other protection programs to a certain extent (though she needs to use her Pactio artifact against more formidable opponents such as Chachamaru). She can cross-reference articles and other sources of information, which she later uses to deduce Negi's identity as a mage and the existence of magic.
    • Net Idol Chiu Quick Change: Most commonly shown in the Anime series, Chisame can quickly change into her Net Idol Chiu and change back to herself in seconds. Chisame uses this ability most commonly on outdoors while nobody is looking and when she can't find any other place to hide into. When she knows that somebody is coming, she will quickly change back to her normal self.
    • Her Pactio can also give defensive support revealed after the battle in which Asuna was captured.


  • Her given name means "Thousand Rains" while her idol name Chiu is alternate reading of her given name.
  • Ironically or not, Chisame stated towards Chachamaru in Chapter 121 that she would fight her anytime, which was to this time a huge spoiler and forshadowing at the same time for the later Chao Ark. The interaction of the continued on later as both of them served Negi as pro and co adviser during the Magical World aswell as the second School Festival mini arc.
  • It is revealed in the interview in the volume 12 of UQ Holder! that Chisame is the girl that Negi has a crush on. However, when he confesses to her, she rejects him, primarily due to his age. Inspite of this, it's later revealed that Chisame eventually reciprocated Negi's affections, leading the two to be married. 


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