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Chii is the main female protagonist from the Chobits anime and manga.

The persocom whom Hideki finds in the trash. With Hideki's help, she spends the first half of the series adjusting to the real world, as she apparently was not programmed to do so. However, it eventually became clear to Hideki that she is more than what she appears to be.

She is actually an amnesiac Elda, one half of the "Chobits", created by Chitose's husband as daughters for his wife. She was created in an attempt to lift Freya's spirits after Freya started to have feelings for her creator-father.

In the AWA fics, Chii is a student at the AWA Academy.


Chi has the appearance of a beautiful young girl with very long blonde hair and golden-brown eyes. She has a slender body along with smooth skin and a pale complexion. Her ears are pink and white, rounded-triangle shaped.


Chi has an innocent child-like personality and only knows how to do things as she is taught. She seems to care deeply for Hideki, always trying to make him happy, she uses her own money she earns at her job to buy things for Hideki, and even starts to cook for him. Chii tends to copy Hideki in a cute childlike way.  At the begining of the series, she only spoke a few words, saying only "Chi" thus earning her name. Chii sometimes acts erotic around Hideki without even knowing it, causing him to have perverted thoughts.  


As a Chobit, Chii possesses many abilities that affect her relations with other persocoms. She is designed so that she has the ability to read data from other persocoms without opening a direct connection to them. She also possesses an extremely powerful firewall. When Shinbo attempts to use Sumomo to scan Chii and find out what programs have been installed, Chi's firewall causes Sumomo to crash[1]; an action later repeated when Yuzuki attempts to scan her. Even when Yoshiyuki connects all of his most powerful persocoms into a large parallel processing network, they are not able to penetrate her defenses. In addition, Chii also has the ability to freeze other persocoms and enable them to hear a "familiar voice."

Despite her nature as a highly advanced persocom, there are still things that Chii cannot do. These range from simple set backs such as the inability to produce offspring, to the more deleterious inability to have sexual intercourse. This is because the location of her power switch is in her vagina. Because of this, even if Chii is in love with Hideki she cannot have a sexual relationship with him since that will cause her to restart, reformat, and lose all of her memories with him. However, Hideki says that this will not stop him from loving Chi.

In the anime, it is possible this may not be the case. In episode seven during Chi's time at the peep show, it is stated by Freya that "regardless of what happens, until someone who truly loves you appears, never let anyone touch you here." It is notable that this warning is also said in the manga. This warning is repeated in episode twenty when Yoshiyuki (Dragonfly) tries to take advantage of Chi. Just as before, a defense mechanism is activated and Yoshiyuki is subdued. Chii then states that since he isn't the one for her, he isn't allowed to come inside. Finally, when Hideki arrives on the scene, Chii explains that only the one for her is ever allowed to come inside, and teaches him what she means by using his hand.


  • Like Nyu from Elfen Lied, Chii was named after the first thing she said.
  • "Elda" is the official English spelling of her real name, although "Erda" would have made more sense as a direct translation. The name is written in Japanese as (Eruda) which is also used to write the name of the Norse earth goddess Erda (or Jord), the mother of the Valkyries. The word "Jord" also means Earth in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish c:
  • Chii was created by CLAMP and was used in 2 two cross-overs.
  • The way Chii is activated (the location of her power button) might actually be a form of a sexual joke, to be "turned on".


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