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Chigusa Amagasaki is an antagonist from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

The main villain of the Kyoto arc, Chigusa is a young glasses wearing woman that is supposed to work for Eishun and their magic branch, but has issues with Western mages and magic. A fairly Harmless Villain on her own; even Negi was clearly superior to her at this point. Amusingly enough, all three of her 'minions' are far more important and powerful than she. Her plan to unseal the local sealed demon god failed spectacularly when Evangeline showed up.

In the AWA fics, Chigusa is a member of the Apostles of the New World and is often used as a pawn.


Chigusa has a long black hair, dark eyes underneath her round glasses and has large breasts. She often wears loose kimonos and sandals.


Her arrogance - most of which is based on her admittedly competent and powerful minions - is surpassed only by her cowardice. She blames the Kansai Association for the deaths of her parents.


Flight, summoning demons and phantom spirits, can use eastern magic using talisman charms, can use fire and water element spells, can create magical barriers, can see spirits, can disguise herself, can create shikigami, can create time/space loops, can use the magical powers of others to summon a demon god.


  • Her animal motifs are monkeys.


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