Chester "Chess" Blakely is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Chester is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Chess is the son of former CEO Calvin Blakely and former assistant CEO Amanda Blakely who both died in an airplane accident when he was just a toddler, leaving him in the care of the family maid and Chess' guardian and older sister figure Hallie Sakuya and Chess ended up becoming the soul heir to Blakely Enterprises, a company that specializes in technology of various types to help out the community, including medicine and agriculture. Hallie tutored Chess everything he currently knows and she taught him different types of martial arts. One day, he visited one of the Blakely science facilities and he accidentally drank a potion called "Free Runner" and it allowed him to jump very high and walk, stand and run on almost anything, including water but all except for hazardous surfaces such as lava and acidical chemicals and the effect was permanent. Hallie trained Chess to control his new found powers and in time, he managed to control his powers and he can now use them at will. Chess then managed to attend college with permission from Hallie and there, he befriended Scottish transferee Flannery Faulkner and scientist in training Wilbur Simons who were both his college dorm roommates. They bonded well together during their time in college and they became more than just friends, they became brothers and they made that official commitment one night. After college, they went their seperate ways but they vowed that they'd meet again someday. Chess then returned home where he took his rightful place as CEO of Blakely Enterprises with Hallie Sakuya as Assistant CEO and together they ran the company to new heights and Chess became real busy. One day he got a visit from his brothers and boy was he excited, Flannery explained that he and Willie have been recruited to join an organization called the Heroes Coalition and he wants him to join and of course Chess said no and Flannery tried to convince him but he still said no and he had them sent out. Chess of course in the inside wanted to go but he couldn't because he was so busy and so one night, Hallie went to him and asked what was wrong and after explaining, Hallie told him that it's okay if he wants to go and she told him that whatever he chooses to do, she won't stop him and Chess asked about what will happen to the company and Hallie replied that she can manage on her own and so Chess made a decision that changed his life and so, the following day he packed up the necessary things needed as well as a few things including a communication device so that he and Hallie can stay in touch and he joined his brothers to start their new lives as heroes. Currently in the Coalition, Chess spends his spare time reading in the lounging area, polishing his martial arts skills in the training area or walking around the facility.


A young man the same height as Willie with short combed back spiky black hair, slim build, tan skin and amber eyes. He's clad in a black business suit composed of a white button up long sleeve shirt with a black necktie under a black button up vest, an open black business jacket, a golden wristwatch on his left wrist, a pair of black pants with a belt, black socks and black dress shoes. On missions, he wears a pair of black sunglasses when a battle starts.


Chess is a tough guy, loud, fussy and is kinda stubborn. He's also kinda snobby sometimes and it would always get a lot of people all riled up and he'd sometimes get in trouble, he often gets hit by a giggle dart from Joey Hollard and he also often gets beaten up by Dan Mandel. He also likes to brag sometimes about how he's able to get neat stuff and most people would just ignore him and he also likes to brag about how awesome he is after defeating mere grunts and he'd arrogantly brag that he can defeat a powerful enemy and when the actual powerful enemy comes, his arrogance becomes his downfall and he ends up getting a near death experience. Despite being snobby and arrogant, he has a caring heart but he doesn't want to show it sometimes and he's a very skilled fighter but his snobbiness and arrogance always makes him loose his focus and his brothers are always there to try to lead him to the right path. Whenever he gets successful in some achievements such as defeating an enemy or being chosen for a big role, he'd always say "Oh yeah!" Or sentences that would end with "baby!".

Whenever he gets embarrassed, or when someone makes snarky comments, he'd always shout out "Shut up!". He likes to read whether if it's a book or some comics and whenever someone disturbs him, he'd often flick them on the forehead and send them flying no matter the consequences. He also likes to taunt his opponents who are unable to catch him and he'd often immaturely throw a raspberry at them.


Powers: Chess has a strange ability to stand and run on water, mid air, the walls and the ceiling and he can somehow jump very high. He's able to walk through almost everything except for hazardous surfaces such as lava, magma and acidic chemicals. This was due to accidentally drinking a permanent potion from one of his family's science facilities. This potion was called "Free Runner".

Other Abilities: Chess is a Karate expert, Kung Fu, Judo, Taekwondo and an Aikido Expert. He's also a good fencer. He's also a strategy expert when making out plans and he's an expert in using a lot of different kinds of tech at his disposal.


  • Photon Pistol - Chess' main weapon. It takes the form of an M1911 semi-auto pistol that shoots white laser bolts. He keeps it holstered in a left shoulder holster within his business jacket.
  • Utility Watch - A gold wristwatch that is also a grapple and a taser grapple that can wirelessly hack into other terminals and facilities and it's also a mini communication device. It's placed in Chess' left wrist.
  • Photon Fencer – Chess' main melee weapon. It takes the appearance of an expandable baton and when expanded with a flick of the wrist, it looks like a typical expandable baton but with a press of a button, white plasma light emits from around the extended rod, making it look like a lightsaber with a black inner light. Chess uses it for close combat, whether if it's in baton mode or lightsaber mode and its rod is unbreakable. He keeps it within the back of his business coat.
  • Techno Case – Chess' secret weapon that he'd usually bring on missions only when necessary and it can transform into different weapons and vehicles for when the situation gets tough.


  • Quad Rotor Turret – A turret with four mini guns on it and it also has a seat. It can move so that the one mounting it can shoot the enemy from left to right and from up and down.
  • Missile Cannon – A big cannon that stands on a tripod and it can fire ordinary missiles and homing missiles.
  • Robo Suit – A giant robot exo-suit that's equipped with rocket launchers, an arm mounted Gatling gun on the left arm, retractable sword on the right arm and is made out of titanium (it looks similar to Mr. Blik's robot from the episode Mr Blik vs Gordon vs Waffle, it looks similar but it's different). It's good for close combat and ranged attacks and it's capable of running and jumping.
  • Heavy Cannon – It looks like the Star Wars Heavy Cannon from Clone Wars. It can launch mortars from a far distance and it can destroy squads of enemies as well as half an army. Most powerful weapon in the Techno Case.


  • Combat RV – It looks like a Luxury RV that's equipped with hidden weapons.
  • Combat Yacht – It looks like a Luxury Yacht with a cannon on the back and hidden weapons.
  • Combat Sub – A submarine that has hidden weapons besides torpedoes.
  • Combat Jet – A private jet equipped with hidden weapons.

Signature Stance – En Garde Stance


  • Chess is an OC of AuraBolter.
  • According to AuraBolter, his ideal voice actor for Chess are Wayne Knight (Mr. Blik from Catscratch) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Lubbock from Akame ga kill).


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