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Charlotte Dunois is one of the main characters from the Infinite Stratos anime and light novels.

Charlotte is a 1st year transfer student at the IS Academy In Class One and is the IS Representative Candidate of France.

In the XP4 fics, Laura is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Dream Express. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

In the AWA fics, Charlotte is a student at the AWA Academy.


Being sent as a spy by her father, her appearance is that of an androgynous male with long, straight, and spiky blonde hair that is tied into a low ponytail. She has purple eyes and wears the same IS Academy uniform as that of Ichika.

In episode 8, when she decided to re-introduce herself to the class as "Charlotte" Dunois, she wears the IS Academy female uniform with a skirt, and red-and-white sneakers on her bare feet. The IS Training uniform she wears also changes into the female version, with orange edges, and it has changed from a two-piece to a one-piece suit with stockings that cut off at the feet.

Like Houki Shinonono and Cecilia Alcott, she is well-endowed, but she has a smaller bust than those two.


Even if her true purpose at the academy was to spy on Ichika, discover how he is able to pilot an IS, and acquire data from his IS, Charlotte is a very friendly and kind-hearted girl, always maintaining a polite demeanor towards everybody, unlike the haughty Cecilia, the cranky Houki, the aggressive Lingyin, the ruthless Laura, the flirty Tatenashi,and the timid Kanzashi. She has an inherent dislike for lying to anyone, as she mentions that she is relieved that she was able to tell Ichika the truth after he discovered her true identity, and even apologizes for having to lie to him all the time.

Charlotte is one of two girls that does not have a 'Tsundere' attribute; the other being Laura, after their fight in the tournament. It must also be noted that unlike the other girls, who primarily focus upon making Ichika fall in love with them, Charlotte instead prioritizes making Ichika happy. Due to this, Ichika views her as the kindest girl among the five, even going as far as describing her smile as 'the smile of an Angel/Goddess'. The only two problems are that Charlotte, even when angry, tends to keep this facial expression (with the addition of the usual protruding blood vein mark), which he refers to as 'The smile from the Angel of Death'; and this, ironically, makes her the scariest girl to anger. Another case of irony is that she calls Ichika a pervert more than any other girl, to the point that 'You're a pervert' is practically her catchphrase.

Though as a whole, she still has some form of romantic interest in Ichika because she stated that she felt like she was wanted by someone for the very first time. While she is not one to flirt in order to gain Ichika's attention, unlike everyone else, she has had him hold her hand, hugged him from behind in the Boys' Grand Public Bath while making skin contact (which embarrasses Ichika) and tried to have him kiss her while she tried to feed him a cookie she placed in her mouth. She can also show jealousy at times, as she was among the girls who attacked Ichika with their IS when he was about to kiss Houki.

Charlotte had a very close relationship with her late mother and has many fond memories of her. Chief among these are all the times they went shopping in the market together, which she is reminded of when the group go shopping during summer break. By contrast, her relationship with her living father is incredibly distant, to the point that they have only met in person twice and have talked for less than an hour. This is most likely the reason why she didn't hesitate to abandon her mission once Ichika discovered her true identity.

While Charlotte has been shown to be quite mature, she doesn't mind being girly or childish, such as getting Laura and herself cat pajamas and even teasing her with them (although she became very embarrassed when Ichika saw her in them). She can also be very impulsive, usually creating very awkward and embarrassing situations for her and Ichika, only realizing what she's doing (or has done) when it is too late, such as when she brought him into a changing room to hide him from the other girls, only to start changing her clothes anyway.


Her knowledge of IS is vast, being able to give detailed explanations on her company's 2nd Generation IS and able to discern the abilities and issues of other models. Her skills are quite top-notch, as she was able to buy time for Ichika to rescue Cecilia Alcott and Huang Lingyin by holding Laura Bodewig off with her IS, despite being the oldest model in IS Academy. Charlotte is also the only one who has mastered the Rapid Switch technique on screen. Being a IS Representative Candidate, Charlotte has received military training and could easily overpowered several robbers along side Laura.

Charlotte's Personal Infinite Stratos (IS) is the Raphael-Revive Custom II, provided by Dunois Corporation. It is a heavily modified version of Raphael-Revive, a latest-model 2nd generation IS, famous for sturdy design and ease of use.

Outside of her combat skills, Charlotte is also a talented cook.


  • The name "Dunois" is actually the last name of Jean de Dunois, a French illegitimate son of Louis I, Duke of Orléans. Also known him as "The Bastard of Orléans."
  • Her color and "goggles" on her head are references to Transformers: Animated Jetfire.
  • Her relationship with Laura is a historical in-joke based on the real relationship between France and Germany: They were enemies in the beginning (which is shown in several scenes in the anime wherein they insult each others countries), but established the "Franco-German Friendship" after the second World War. Similarly, Charlotte's and Laura's friendship only started to bloom after a particular event.
  • Charlotte's IS, the Raphael-Revive Custom II, bears a slight resemblance to the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam from Gundam 00 when viewed from the back.
  • The Raphael-Revive shares the same colors as Allelujah Haptism's Kyrios, Arios and Harute Gundams, also from Gundam 00.
  • Ironically, while Charlottle is kind and respectful to everybody and admit she likes Ichika because of how kind he is, she doesn't like it how he's kind to everybody (even wishing that Ichika would treat just her this way). She shares this trait with the other girls.
  • Ironically, while Charlotte would quickly call Ichika a pervert when he touches or is being touched by her, she is always the one who creates the situation for this to happen. When she tried to prevent her and Ichika from changing in the same when she was pretending to be a boy, she would start trying to change in the same room as him after he learned she was a girl (this also reversed Ichika's postion of trying to change in the same room to wanting to avoid changing in the same room). 
  • As seen in volume 8, Charlotte's ideal world is where she's been working as a maid and is currently working for the Orimura family and is Ichika's future wife. This could be the reason why she likes wearing a maid outfit.
    • Charlotte dream world is by far the most different from her real life. Her dream world is more her own history than Ichika's. 
  • She has a similar appearance to Kintaros, Although her first name were taken from Strike Witches character, Charlotte "Shirley" Yeager.
  • she alongside Cecilia make a cameo in the manga Maken ki chapter 60.
  • The nickname she obtained from Ichika, Char, is a reference to Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam. Yet, she also seems to have several aspects from Char, making her a "Char Clone":
    • Both are blond-haired
    • Both enlisted in a school/military using fake identities.
    • Both piloted custom-made machines.
    • Both have rivals (Char to Amuro and Charlotte to several women) whom share the same center of affection: Ichika and Lalah Sune.
  • In an OVA episode, both Cecilia and Charlotte insisted that Ichika feed them a dessert personally by hand. Charlotte eagerly said "Yes, let us eat cake!". This is very likely a historical reference to the last queen of France Marie Antionette who was attributed with the infamous line: "Let them eat cake!".


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