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Celistia Ralgris is one of the main characters from the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut light novel and anime.

Celistia is a young woman of the Duke House, one of the four Great Nobles is infamous for being a man-hater. She wields the Drag-Ride "Lindworm" and is considered to be the strongest and most influential in the academy. She later confessed to a cross-dressing Lux that she actually doesn't hate men; she simply doesn't know how to interact with men her age. She was tutored by Lux's maternal grandfather and felt guilty that he was imprisoned for trying to reform the Empire's policies, dying in prison. After Lux saves her from the Ragnarok and confesses the truth, he comments that he doesn't blame her, while revealing the truth about the cross dressing. She forgives Lux for the deceit, while also falling in love with him.

In the XP4 fics, Celistia is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is an honorary member of the Cross Guards. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Celestia is a beautiful young woman with a buxom figure with long flowing blonde hair that is kept by a headband and blue eyes. She has large breasts and is mostly seen wearing the girls uniform.


As one of the prestigious knights, Celestia is seen as a proud and strong female student who's willing to protect anyone from harm, specifically anything related with men. She takes it to herself to be the leader of Drag-Knights and is alone because of her personality. Although, she actually wants to be social and have lots of friends. Also she seems to be a man-hater but she actually isn't one, telling Lux the truth while he was in his female disguise.


Maneuver Tactic: Celis has memorised tactics to cover all kinds of situations, allowing her to immediately think of plans in battle. For example, she can come up with and execute a cooperative attack with Lux, having him use Reload on Fire to enhance her attack, that kills all of Sacred Eclipse's bodies at once. This talent is valued highly enough for the military officers of the New Kingdom capital to give it a name.


Celis' Drag-Ride is the Divine Drag-Ride Lindworm.

Lightning Lance: The special armament of Lindworm, a large spear that can emit lightning. The electricity can injure an enemy through their Drag-Ride and also temporarily prevents their Drag-Ride from moving. The only defence against this is to dodge the attack, but Celis' skill makes this difficult even for a Drag-Knight on the level of Lux. If she is being grappled by an opponent, Celis can attack herself with the lance to make them let go. The size of the lance means it can't be freely wielded when indoors.

Starlight Zero: Another special armament, officially classified as a wide area ultra-powerful extermination weapon. It is a gun that fires a "Star", a bullet made of compressed light energy. The Star moves relatively slowly but produces an extremely powerful explosion covering a radius of 300 Mels. It is powerful enough to blow off the Auto Shield of Fafnir, another Divine Drag-Ride, and completely deplete its energy. The massive destructive power means that this armament cannot be used when inside a building.

Divine Gate: Lindworm's Divine Raiment, which creates a spherical volume of light (with a radius of about 50 Mels) within which Celis can freely teleport. This allows her to instantly close in on a distant enemy or move behind them. However, the Divine Raiment has a size limit, being unable to teleport anything bigger than the Lindworm-clad Celis. If someone grapples Celis, they can prevent her from teleporting.

  • Double Attack: By using Divine Gate, Celis can overwhelm an opponent by attacking them from multiple directions simultaneously. For example, she can throw daggers and then teleport behind them to attack them at close range.


  • Her name means Heavenly or sky in Latin.
  • She was born on October 3.


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