Whatever your color, whatever your race, we will stand together, fight together! WE ARE HEROES! THE HEROES COALITION WILL PROTECT EVERYONE WITHIN THE MULTIVERSE AND WILL FIGHT FOR TRUE PIECE!!

Heroes Coalition is a large organization that consists of various heroes all around the multiverse which is located in Neo-Earth. The Coalition is part of the Government and works as the first line of defense against any hostiles or evil organizations hellbent in creating chaos across the multiverse.

There are ten Heroes Coalition branches in Neo-Earth but only four of them are allowed to perform missions outside Neo-Earth to other parts of the multiverse.

Neo-City, New-New York, Elemental City and Mega-Tokyo are the cities with the biggest list of heroes working under them with Neo-City leading first and Mega-Tokyo coming in second. Although, despite working for the side of good, each Coalition had their own unique set of rules and principles.

Compare to other Hero Groups whom travel to one world to another, the Coalitions operates rather differently in missions. They will send a hero or a group of heroes to a world through missions and no matter the results, the hero or heroes must return to HQ and report.

With the Coalition being a part of the Government, working as a hero in different Coalitions is considered a profession or a means of living.

The Heroes Coalition also works under the Multiverse Government which gave the Coalition the privilege to traverse the multiverse.

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