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Brave Shine is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Brave is a student at Canterlot High, a member of the soccer team and a cousin of Flash Sentry.

Brave is currently applied for the Heroes Coalition's Tryout.


Brave is a tall young man man with a messy, blue hair, has blue eyes and has a peach skin tone. His clothes varies depending on the occasion.


Like Flash, Brave is a nice guy and is willing to help others that is in need. He has a crush on Sunrise Shimmer but is twice as shy as her when comes to confessing his feelings.


  • Brave is an OC of damnlastwords.
  • Brave is an Equestria Girls OC.
  • Both Sunrise Shimmer and Alice Hegstrand has a crush on him.
  • According to damnlastwords, his ideal voice actors for Brave are Matt Ellis (Nathaniel from LoliRock) and Kentaro Kumagai (Haruhiko Takase from Tsurezure Children).


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