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Arisa Narumi is one of the main characters of the Puella Magic Suzune Magica manga.

A rather hot-headed and carefree magical girl. Her wish was to become stronger, granting her superhuman speed and strength, and the ability to enhance them.

In the AWA fics, due to the interference of the AWA gang, her tragic fate was averted. Arisa is a student at the AWA Academy.


Arisa has a long pink hair in two twintails and had pink eyes. She is currently wearing a pink & white sleeveless mantle that resembles a harlequin's with red linings, a white collar with red lines and red necktie, a white belt with red linings around her waist, a light pink skirt, a pink arm-length latex gloves, a black & white stripped thigh-high socks and brown boots.


Arisa is confident yet hotheaded, and tends to be rather brash. In the past, she used to be more self-deprecating and timid, wearing a more demure hairstyle to suit, but become more hot-headed, carefree, and outwardly self-confident some time after making her wish. As well as this, Arisa became a rule-breaker, often truanting, and even beating up other students. However, while Arisa kept up a confident facade, she was depressed because she was lonely; that is, until she met Chisato and eventually became one of the Hohzuki magical girls, where she grew out of her loneliness thanks to her new friendships.

Despite her haughty attitude, Arisa can be kind and caring at times, although she sometimes displays reluctance at this. She also appears to be rather laid-back and lazy, though she loves fights; she is also rather carefree at times.

Despite their clashing personalities, she is very close to Chisato, likely due to being Arisa's first friend. Arisa becomes very distraught after Chisato's death, becoming angrier and more hot-headed, as well as more sorrowful in private, and regressing back to her previous rule-breaking and beating up of other students; she also grows an extreme hatred towards Suzune for killing Chisato and attempts to kill her in revenge via a duel to the death.


Arisa has superhuman strength and speed as a result of her wish. She seems mostly in control of her abilities, but sometimes loses control when she becomes emotional; for example, crushing Kyubey's head in her fist out of anger. Chisato comments in her backstory that Arisa is bad at managing her strength and speed, but how bad and how that compares to her in the present is unknown, as the fight is not shown. Suzune describes Arisa's magic as "boost magic".

She has the ability to power up her strength and speed temporarily, either as moderate boosts or maximum power boosts, at the cost of burning through a lot of her magic.

She also appears to have a teleportation power, as used once in a battle with Suzune. However, it should be noted that this only happens after Arisa has maxed out her strength and speed, and is never used before then, so it could be simply her moving so fast that it looks like she is teleporting.


  • Arisa shares several traits with Kyoko: a hot-headed, abrasive attitude; laziness and disregard for school rules; Arisa even wears a hoodie at one point.
  • Arisa shares several similarities with Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion: the hairstyle and hair color (though Asuka has red instead of pink), hot-headed and abrasive personality, a background involving neglect from some source leading into a desire to become "strong" and/or not lonely, and a relationship of some sort with a blue-haired girl with a contrasting personality.
  • Arisa appears to like striped stockings, as her magical girl outfit has them, and she is seen wearing a pair with her casual clothes in volume 2.
  • The bottom of the "shirt" of her magical girl outfit resembles a harlequin's. Since Arisa's magical girl outfit appears to be a mishmash of things, however, this point likely has no deeper meaning.
  • The kanji for Arisa's last name, mean "forming/changing" and "look/see/sight" respectively. This might refer to how her perspective on life and others changes over the story.
  • "Alisa" means "great happiness/joy". Ironic, given that Arisa is rarely seen being happy during the events of the story.


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