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Applejack is one of the main characters from the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise.

The human counterpart of Applejack, her family helps supply foodstuffs to Canterlot High, and she serves as the bass player of the Rainbooms. Via her magic she has Super Strength.

In the AWA fics, Applejack is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Applejack attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Applejack has a light-amber skin tone, a long blonde hair tied in a low ponytail, has green eyes and white freckles. She wears a white & green plaid shirt, blue denim skirt with a brown belt that has an apple-shaped buckle, brown cowboy boots and a brown stetson.


Applejack is depicted as very reliable, hardworking, and honest. As her friends tend to be quirky, Applejack typically acts as the "straight man" in her circle of friends—much like her pony counterpart tends to be for the Mane Six. She is also considerably strong, able to carry a folding table by herself that normally takes two male athletes to move.

Applejack is also the most level-headed among her friends, able to calmly and logically assess situations that she and the others find themselves in. In Rainbow Rocks, she is the first to question the Rainbooms' ability to "pony up", and in Friendship Games, she is the first one to wonder how Rainbow Dash ponies up without playing her guitar.

Applejack values honesty above all else. She eagerly helps Twilight beat Sunset Shimmer for Fall Formal Princess, and because she places a lot of trust in others, she becomes particularly hurt when that trust is betrayed. It is through Applejack's unyielding honesty that leads her to reaching out to the human Twilight Sparkle in Friendship Games.


Like Rainbow Dash, Applejack is also athletic but is much more stronger. Her magic gives her, Super Stregth which has her hands glow a soft orange when she's using it, letting her lift things like boulders effortlessly, and accidentally yanks Rarity up a rock wall by her rope. One of the music video shorts even has her lifting up a bus with one hand.


  • The human counterpart of the pony Applejack, her family helps supply food stuffs to Canterlot High.
  • Applejack is fond of country music.
  • Along with Rainbow Dash, she plays video games at the sleepover in Rainbow Rocks, and was ready to beat Rainbow before the latter's Rage Quit.


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