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This is a list of Artes of Ange Serena.

Robber Item -  the user attack the enemy in an attempt to acquire an item from them. Most enemies have a "Steal Item", an item that can be stolen from the enemy once during a battle.


Fang Rush - when activated, the user lunges into the enemy and stabs them with their knife.

Force Spear - Ange Serena thrusts her dagger diagonally upward, launching herself in that direction and leaving a pillar of light angled in the direction of her launch.

Diving Dragon - the user jumps into the air and spins around, diving down to thrust into the enemy at an angle. While any master or arcane artes can be chained from Diving Dragon, it cannot be chained to the end of a basic attack combo. However, this arte can be used to travel far distances quickly due to the speed of the thrusting motion.

Moon Glare - the user performs a curved, upward slash that invokes the image of a crescent moon.

Hawk Ascent - the user performs a rising slash that brings the target with it.


Gatotsu Hienshou


Storm Blade - the user swings and twirls their weapon, hitting the enemy.

Kuushuu Senkoushou

Gessen Shuutsuijin

Shunjin Senreppa

Guardian Field - when the arte is activated, a field of light is summoned around or near the user, damaging all enemies within and pushing them away.

Renga Hishoujin

Houryuu Zankoujin

Tenshou Kouhajin

First Aid - first healing spell to be usable with a low TP cost and casting time, restoring a small amount of HP to one ally.

Photon - appears as a shining glyph on the enemy, which then explodes to deal Light-elemental damage. In some games, it takes the form of streaks of light clustering together and then exploding multiple times.

Recover - considered the superior version of Antidote, as it can heal nearly any kind of physical ailment. As the series progressed, Recover eventually became the first status recovery spell to be learned, replacing Antidote.

Dispel - when the spell is activated, the targeted ally is surrounded with light and healed from magical ailments. In earlier games, it could nullify the effect of statistical de-buffs, while Recover would be used to cure all types of status ailments. However, later games separate specific ailments into physical and magical categories, redefining the focus of Recover as a physical ailment recovery spell while using Dispel to cure the remaining possible ailments, though statistical de-buffs are often classed as magical ailments.

Nurse - is a healing spell that usually targets the entire party, regardless of each party member's position on the battlefield.

Ray - is a Light-elemental spell that, as its name implies, releases beams of light across the battlefield. The rays of light are usually angled and rain from the sky.

Heal - this spell is most commonly learned as the intermediate-level healing spell that a character obtains after mastering First Aid. Heal is used to heal a moderate amount of HP to one ally for an increased TP cost and incantation time.

Revitalize - this spell has been one of the most effective but costly ways to revive the entire party with. When used, a giant glyph appears under the entire battlefield, healing all allies significantly at a fixed rate.

Anti-Magic - is a spell where it cures any magical ailment for one party member and provides immunity to all magical ailments for a short time.

Raise Dead - this spell revives an ally that has been knocked out, performing a similar effect as a "Life Bottle".

Grand Cross - when activated, a glyph is created on the ground beneath the enemy, summoning rays of light that lift the enemy into the air, followed by a cross-shaped blast that knocks them down. 

Cure - this spell restores a large amount of HP to one ally, often healing any critically injured ally back to full health.

Kouyoku Seidankou

Houyoku Shitenshou - Ange assumes the form of her past self, Orifiel, and then summons a barrage of red beams that rain down upon her targets, first coming from the left of the screen, then from the right, and finally straight downward. In Tales of Innocence R, Ange envelops herself in red feathers while assuming the form of Orifiel, and then unleashes a powerful whirlwind with the feathers, swarming her target.

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