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American Sports Team is a team made up of Lucky Glauber, Heavy D! and Brian Battler, representing the United States. They make their debut in KOF '94 and then appear in KOF '98 .

In the XP4 fics, the American Sports Team is allied with the Heroes Coalitions.


Not much is known about the history of this team before '94, in addition to Lucky being a Basketball player and Karateka, Brian, a former American Football player and Heavy D!, the leader, a retired boxer. These last two were characterized as being especially violent when practicing sports.

When the '94 tournament was announced, Heavy D! contacted his two friends to enter the tournament, which they accept.

This team makes its appearance only in the tournament of '94, despite having been invited also for those of '95, '97 and 2000. They do not show up to these because in each year their tickets are stolen by some other team, being these the Rival Team in '95, the New Faces Team in '97 and the Agents Team in 2000. This has been used as a joke in the game, since it has even been used in Dream Matches, as in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A, where Lucky's entry is stolen by Shermie and Makoto Mizoguchi, respectively.

After the '94 tournament Brian promises to return to practice Football for his fans, and Lucky says he will continue practicing Karate.

List of Members

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