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The All Worlds Alliance or AWA is a huge organization is composed with multiple personnel from the different side of the multiverse.

The organization's purpose is to protect and lend a helping hand to different worlds.

The organization also doubles as a school called the All Worlds Alliance Academy or AWA Academy where the students, of different ages and species, learns about the multiverse and they also train students how to fight or wield various abilities, and as well to interact with one another.


The organization started after the world, ZeroTopia was attacked by creatures from different worlds and dimensions, prompting a group of heroes to band together and fought against the invaders. After the battle which the heroes ended victoriously, it was later revealed that someone in the multiverse is causing chaos.

Because of this, the large group of heroes decided to build an organization that will serve as the multiverse' protectors from the forces of chaos.

Home Operations

The AWA has two main base operations; the ZeroTopia and Normal Earth.


ZeroTopia is a world existed out there where is filled with different people from different worlds and dimensions. It was totally beautiful place to live, each country, region and village is mixed between medieval and modern but their are cities than lean on more to modern society.

The world of ZeroTopia's population are all mostly people who had died. ZeroTopia is a world where the dead are given a second chance for a new life and even the bad people were given a second chance to redeem themselves.

ZeroTopia is where the AWA Academy is stationed, the academy is built around the Holy Country.

The AWA Academy is a large octagon shaped facility where the length and width of each building is as similar to the White House and each building has eight colors: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, white and black, each building also has 50 classrooms inside. In the middle of the octagon is a spacious lot that is likely resembles a park, three fountains are found at the front of the red, white and green building, several benches, food stands and different kinds of plants are scattered in the place but in the very middle is a a clock tower that resembles the Big Ben which serves as the Headmaster's office.

Behind the octagon school are many grounds that are use for physical activities such as a basketball court, a gymnasium, a soccer field, a track field, school pools, a football filed and lastly is a stadium where fighters gets to spar with one another.

Normal Earth

Normal Earth like it's namesake is pretty normal. It serves as home for many dimensional runaways and refugees and is also a world where students and other off-worlders would go to relax or to work. A lot of normal students originates from this Earth.

Both the Uzumaki Villa and the Uzumaki Hotel are located in this world.

The Uzumaki Villa, like it's namesake, it is own and manage by Naruto Uzumaki, and how did he managed to obtain something like this, well…the day he joined AWA, he was tasked by Lelouch Lamperogue along with his grandmother Tsunade Senjuu to manage a hotel and villa that is named after his clan and told him that if he wants to be a Hokage, he needs to practice organizing stuffs such as paper works and meetings so he can be ready once Kakashi finally steps down as Hokage and handed him his hat and you know what else…he agreed.

The villa is huge estate almost looking like a town with several houses with colorful roofs, the houses serves as a home for both locals and offworlders especially those who've run away from their respective home worlds. There are also six building complex with different colors: red, yellow, green, orange, blue and pink, each buildings has six floors with 60 rooms for three persons. This buildings serves as dorms for students of AWA both locals and off-worlders.

Aside from houses and dorms, the villa had a park where people would enjoy their time relaxing or playing around, a caged basketball court can be seen next to it and several food stands scattered across the park. There also cafes in every corner of the villa which most people would go to have lunch or dinner.

The Uzumaki Hotel large luxury hotel located somewhere in Tokyo called the Uzumaki Hotel owned by Naruto Uzumaki.

The Uzumaki Hotel occupies an area of 45 hectares (110 acres) of the city, 26,410.77 square metres (284,283.2 sq ft) allotted to gaming. The hotel building of the Uzamki Hotel is composed of the Pearl and Coral Wings with each wing having 15 floors to be connected by two sky bridges. The glass facade of the building has a gold color representing the hue of a sunset. The color according to Naruot himself is one of the casino's key themes. The 2.4 billion yen phase one of the casino project includes 993 hotel rooms. More than 3,000 electronic gaming machines and 500 table games were planned to be installed in the casino complex.

There is also an allotted 8,409 square metres (90,510 sq ft) shopping area within the casino resort.

A large central fountain, dubbed as "Rasengan" is the centerpiece of the casino resort complex spanning 37,464 square meters (403,260 sq ft).

Affiliation and Under Protection

With AWA's ability to travel all across the Multiverse, it has reached out and created alliance with numerous organizations, groups and teams which then later represents under the AWA banner.

There are also numerous worlds and places that are under the AWA's protections.

List of AWA Personnel

The Author.png
The Author
Faculty Members
Albert Chamomile.png
Chifuyu Orimura Portrait.png
Chloe Chronicles Portrait.png
Albert Chamomile C.C. Chifuyu Orimura Chloe Chronicle
Doctor Shamal Portrait.png
Gintoki Sakata.png
Damascus Doctor Shamal The Engineer Gintoki Sakata
The Goddess of Incineration Portrait.png
The Heavy II Portrait.png
Ibiki Morino Portrait.png
Jiraiya Portrait.png
The Goddess of Incineration The Heavy Ibiki Morino Jiraiya
Johnny Bravo II Portrait.png
Kakashi Hatake Portrait.png
Kenjirou Isshiki.png
Kenshin Himura.png
Johnny Bravo Kakashi Hatake Kenjirou Isshiki Kenshin Himura
Komatsu II Portrait.png
Kotarou Katsura Portrait.png
Lelouch Lamperogue.png
Lilith Asami Portrait.png
Komatsu Kotarou Katsura Lelouch Lamperogue Lilith Asami
Max Tennyson II Portrait.png
Maya Yamada.png
Misato Katsuragi Portrait.png
Max Tennyson Maya Yamada The Medic Misato Katsuragi
Negi Springfield.png
Neuro Nougami Portrait.png
Piccolo Portrait.png
Raido Namiashi Portrait.png
Negi Springfield Neuro Nougami Piccolo Raido Namiashi
Refill Sage Portrait.png
Ron Simmons Portrait.png
Scout Portrait.png
Shamal Portrait.png
Refill Sage Ron Simmons The Scout Shamal
Shouta Aizawa Portrait.png
Silvers Rayleigh Portrait.png
The Sniper II Portrait.png
Shouta Aizawa Silvers Rayleigh The Sniper The Soldier
Spike Spiegel Portrait.png
Summer Rose Portrait.png
Tabane Shinonono.png
Taizou Hasegawa Portrait.png
Spike Spiegel Summer Rose Tabane Shinonono Taizou Hasegawa
All Might Portrait.png
Tsukuyo Portrait.png
Tsunade Senju Portrait.png
Van Grants II Portrait.png
Toshinori Yagi Tsukuyo Tsunade Van Grants
Vash the Stampede Portrait.png
Yamato (Naruto) Portrait.png
Kaoru Shimazaki Portrait.png
Vash the Stampede Vegeta Yamato Kaoru Shimazaki
Class 1
Ai Roborovskii.png
Chizuru Tachibana.png
Edward Elric II Portrait.png
Ai Roborovskii Cesaro Oohori Chizuru Tachibana Edward Elric
Eren Yeager.png
Fluttershy Portrait.png
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.png
Haruka Takayama II Portrait.jpg
Eren Yeager Fluttershy Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Haruka Takayama
Homura Akemi Portrait.png
Ichigo Kurosaki Portrait.png
Inori Yuzuriha.png
Kenji Kazama.png
Homura Akemi Ichigo Kurosaki Inori Yuzuriha Kenji Kazama
Kisame Hoshigaki Portrait.png
Konata Izumi.png
Lina Inverse Portrait.png
Kisame Hoshigaki Konata Izumi Lina Inverse Lucina
Madoka Kaname II Portrait.jpg
Maka Albarn.png
Funabori Portrait.png
Mikoto Misaka.png
Madoka Kaname Maka Albarn Maricar Funabori Mikoto Misaka
Monkey D. Luffy.png
Nanoha Takamachi.png
Naruto Uzumaki.png
Natasu Dragneel.png
Monkey D. Luffy Nanoha Takamachi Naruto Uzumaki Natsu Dragneel
Ryuuko Matoi.png
Shinpachi Shimura.png
Soul Eater Evans.png
Ryuuko Matoi Shinozaki Shinozaki Shinpachi Shimura Soul Eater Evans
Sunset Shimmer.png
Usagi Tsukino.png
Yoshika Miyafuji II Portrait.png
Yuu Sonoda.png
Sunset Shimmer Usagi Tsukino Yoshika Miyafuji Yuu Sonoda
Class Two
Ami Mizuno.png
Armin Arlert II Portrait.png
Black Star.png
Hayato Gokudera.png
Ami Mizuno Armin Arlert Black☆Star Hayato Gokudera
Hinata Hyuuga.png
Ichigo Momomiya Portrait.png
Itsuki Minami II Portrait.png
Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV.png
Hinata Hyuuga Ichigo Momomiya Itsuki Minami Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV
Kenji Harima II Portrait.png
Killua Zoldyck II Portrait.png
Lucia Nanami.png
Lucy Heartfilia II Portrait.png
Kenji Harima Killua Zoldyck Lucia Nanami Lucy Heartfilia
Mio Akiyama.png
Mio Sakamoto.png
Neji Hyuuga.png
Nina Sakura II Portrait.png
Mio Akiyama Mio Sakamoto Neji Hyuuga Nina Sakura
Ranma Saotome Portrait.png
Renji Abarai Portrait.png
Roka Shibasaki Portrait.png
Sakura Kinomoto.png
Ranma Saotome Renji Abarai Roka Shibasaki Sakura Kinomoto
Taichi Yagami.png
Tatsumi Oga II Portrait.png
Tetsuya Kuroko.png
Touma Kamijou Portrait.png
Taichi "Tai" Yagami Tatsumi Oga Tetsuya Kuroko Touma Kamijou
Train Heartnet.png
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa II Portrait.png
Tsunayoshi Sawada Portrait.png
Yuugi Mutou.png
Train Heartnet Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tsunayoshi Sawada Yugi Mutou
Yuusuke Urameshi.png
Yuusuke Urameshi
Class 3
Akio Fudou Portrait.png
Allen Walker.png
Arata Kasuga Portrait.png
Arin Kannazuki Portrait.png
Akio Fudou Allen Walker Arata Kasuga Arin Kannazuki
Asuna Yuuki.png
Daisuke Niwa Portrait.png
Erica Hartmann II Portrait.png
Asuna Yuuki Brook Daisuke Niwa Erica Hartmann
Gertrud Barkhorn.png
Gohan Son.png
Jean Kirstein Portrait.png
Kazuma Kuwabara Portrait.png
Gertrud Barkhorn Gohan Son Jean Kirstein Kazuma Kuwabara
Kazuto Kirigiya.png
Levi Kazama Portrait.png
Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke.png
Mira Yamana Portrait.png
Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya Levi Kazama Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke Mira Yamana
Orihime Inoue Portrait.png
Rin Okumura Portrait.png
Rock Lee II Portrait.png
Nami Orihime Inoue Rin Okumura Rock Lee
Scar Portrait.png
Selina Sherlock Portrait.png
Shikamaru Nara II Portrait.png
Takeshi Yamamoto Portrait.png
Scar Selina Sherlock Shikamaru Nara Takeshi Yamamoto
Tomoyo Daidouji Portrait.png
Yui Kurata Portrait.png
Yukiteru Amano Portrait.png
Yuno Gasai Portrait.png
Tomoyo Daidouji Yui Kurata Yukiteru Amano Yuno Gasai
Class 4
Aichi Sendou Portrait.png
Akame II Portrait.png
Alphonse Elric.png
Amu Hinamori II Portrait.png
Aichi Sendou Akame Alphonse Elric Amu Hinamori
Erza Scarlet II Portrait.png
Esdeath Portrait.png
Haru Glory II Portrait.png
Ikkaku Madarame Portrait.png
Erza Scarlet Esdeath Haru Glory Ikkaku Madarame
Kanade Tachibana.png
Kenichi Shirahama.png
Kurapika Portrait.png
Kanade Tachibana Kenichi Shirahama Kurapika Lavi
Mai Tokiha Portrait.png
Mikasa Ackerman Portrait.png
Minto Aizawa.png
Mai Tokiha Mikasa Ackerman Mine Minto Aizawa
Motoharu Tsuchimikado.png
Red (Pokemon) Portrait.png
Rena Ryuuguu Portrait.png
Ryohei Sasagawa Portrait.png
Motoharu Tsuchimikado Red Rena Ryuuguu Ryohei Sasagawa
Saber Portrait.png
Taiga Kagami Portrait.png
Tatsumi Portrait.png
Saber Shana Taiga Kagami Tatsumi
Wakaba Saegusa.png
Youhei Sunohara II Portrait.png
Zoro Roronoa.png
Tenten Wakaba Saegusa Youhei Sunohara Zoro Roronoa
Class 5
Beauty Portrait.png
Belldandy Portrait.png
Gingka Hagane.png
Guu Portrait.png
Beauty Belldandy Gingka Hagane Guu
Hanon Houshou Portrait.png
Hare Portrait.png
Ira Gamagoori.png
Kagami Hiiragi Portrait.png
Hanon Houshou Hare Ira Gamagoori Kagami Hiiragi
Keiichi Morisato Portrait.png
Kouki Akune Portrait.png
Louise Portrait.png
Lucy (Kaede) Portrait.png
Keiichi Morisato Kouki Akune Louise Francoise Le Blanca Dela Valliere Lucy (Kaede)
Mako Mankanshoku Portrait.png
Medaka Kurokami.png
Miaka Yuuki Portrait.png
Mogana Kikaijima Portrait.png
Mako Mankanshoku Miaka Yuuki Medaka Kurokami Mogana Kikaijima
Momoko Akatsutsumi Portrait.png
Nagisa Shiota Portrait.png
Pacifica Casull Portrait.png
Reisen Udongein Inaba Portrait.jpg
Momoko Akatsutsumi Nagisa Shiota Pacifica Casull Reisen Udongein Inaba
Lettuce Midorikawa II Portrait.png
Saito Hiraga.png
Sakura Haruno.png
Sasuke Uchiha.png
Retasu "Lettuce" Midorikawa Saito Hiraga Sakura Haruno Sasuke Uchiha
Satoko Houjou Portrait.png
Touka Kirishima Portrait.png
Tsukasa Hiiragi Portrait.png
Uryuu Ishida.png
Satoko Houjou Touka Kirishima Tsukasa Hiiragi Uryuu Ishida
Yuzuru Otonashi Portrait.png
Zenkichi Hitoyoshi Portrait.png
Yuzuru Otonashi Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
Class 6
Charlotte E. Yeager.png
Denki Kaminari II Portrait.png
Eijiro Kirishima.png
Francesca Lucchini II Portrait.png
Charlotte E. Yeager Denki Kaminari Eijiro Kirishima Francesca Lucchini
Fumikage Tokoyami II Portrait.png
Hanta Sero Portrait.jpg
Houki Shinonono II Portrait.png
Izuku Midoriya.png
Fumikage Tokoyami Hanta Sero Houki Shinonono Izuku Midoriya
Kaoru Matsubara.png
Karin Kokubu Portrait.png
Katsuki Bakugo.png
Kouji Kouda Portrait.png
Kaoru Matsubara Karin Kokubu Katsuki Bakugo Kouji Kouda
Kyouka Jirou II Portrait.png
Mashirao Ojiro.png
Mezou Shouji Portrait.png
Mina Ashido.png
Kyouka Jirou Mashirao Ojiro Mezou Shouji Mina Ashido
Minoru Mineta Portrait.png
Mirio Toogata Portrait.png
Momo Yaoyorozu II Portrait.png
Nejire Hadou Portrait.png
Minoru Mineta Mirio Toogata Momo Yaoyorozu Nejire Hadou
Ochako Uraraka II Portrait.png
Rikidou Satou Portrait.png
Shouto Todoroki.png
Tamaki Amajiki Portrait.png
Ochako Uraraka Rikidou Satou Shoto Todoroki Tamaki Amajiki
Tenya Iida.png
Tooru Hagakure.png
Trafalgar Water D. Law.png
Tsuyu Asui II Portrait.png
Tenya Iida Tooru Hagakure Trafalgar D. Water Law Tsuyu Asui
Yuuga Aoyama.png
Yuuma Kuga Portrait.png
Yuuga Aoyama Yuuma Kuga
Class 7
Amidamaru Portrait.png
Blanc Portrait.png
Bu-Ling Huang.png
Cagalli Yula Athha Portrait.png
Amidamaru Blanc Bu-Ling Huang Cagalli Athha Yula
Chikane Himemiya Portrait.png
Chrome Dokuro Portrait.png
Cooro Portrait.png
Chikane Himemiya Chrome Dokuro Cooro Crona
Daiki Aomine Portrait.png
Gilgamesh (FSN) Portrait.png
Gon Freecss.png
Gray Fullbuster Portrait.png
Daiki Aomine Gilgamesh Gon Freecss Gray Fullbuster
Hansode Shiranui Portrait.png
Himeko Kurusugawa Portrait.png
Hokuto Kusanagi Portrait.png
Inu Yasha Portrait.png
Hansode Shiranui Himeko Kurusugawa Hokuto Kusanagi Inuyasha
Juvia Lockser.png
Kagome Higurashi Portrait.png
Ken Kaneki Portrait.png
Juvia Lockser Kagome Higurashi Ken Kaneki Lil Achino
Ragnarok Portrait.png
Rika Furude Portrait.png
Robin Nico.png
Rukia Kuchiki II Portrait.png
Ragnarok Rika Furude Robin Nico Rukia Kuchiki
Sadamitsu Tsubaki Portrait.png
Saya Otonashi Portrait.png
Shino Asada Portrait.png
You Asakura Portrait.png
Sadamitsu Tsubaki Saya Otonashi Shino "Sinon" Asada You Asakura
Yuki Nagato Portrait.png
Yuuta Asaba Portrait.png
Yuki Nagato Yuuta Asaba
Class 8
Ai Enma Portrait.png
Ciel Phantomhive Portrait.png
Death the Kid.png
Elizabeth Thompson Portrait.png
Ai Enma Ciel Phantomhive Death the Kid Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson
Eve (Black Cat) Portrait.png
Fate Testarossa Portrait.png
Guiche de Gramont Portrait.png
Eve Fate Testarossa Harlaown Franky Guiche de Gramont
Hikaru Shidou Portrait.png
Kazuya Shibuya Portrait.png
Lancer (FSN) Portrait.png
Hikaru Shidou Kazuya Shibuya Lancer Leone
Levi Ackerman.png
Lubbock II Portrait.png
Mai Taniyama Portrait.png
Montmorency Margarita La Fere de Montmorency Portrait.png
Levi Ackerman Lubbock Mai Taniyama Montmorency Margarita La Fere de Montmorency
Mumei Portrait.png
Nagisa Furukawa Portrait.png
Neon Nostrade Portrait.png
Nonon Jakuzure Portrait.png
Mumei Nagisa Furukawa Neon Nostrade Nonon Jakuzure
Patricia Thompson.png
Ritsu Tainaka.png
Sasha Blouse.png
Patricia "Patty" Thompson Ritsu Tainaka Sai Sasha Blouse
Sebastian Michaelis Portrait.png
Tomoya Okazaki Portrait.png
Winry Rockbell II Portrait.png
Sebastian Michaelis Sheele Tomoya Okazaki Winry Rockbell
Yako Katsuragi Portrait.png
Yuuki Konno.png
Yako Katsuragi Yuuki Konno
Class 12
Akane Isshiki II Portrait.png
Blinx Portrait.png
Buggy the Clown Portrait.png
Chopper Tony Tony.png
Akane Isshiki Blinx Buggy the Clown Chopper Tony Tony
Duo Maxwell.png
Guts Portrait.png
Itachi Uchiha Portrait.png
Jet Siegel Portrait.jpg
Duo Maxwell Guts Itachi Uchiha Jet Siegel
Juugo Yama III Portrait.png
Kanonno Grassvalley Portrait.png
Kurome II Portrait.png
Kyou Mibu.png
Juugo Yama Kanonno Grassvalley Kurome Kyou Mibu
Laxus Dreyar Portrait.png
Meliodas II Portrait.png
Misuzu Kusakabe.png
Parappa Portrait.png
Laxus Dreyar Meliodas Misuzu Kasukabe PaRappa the Rapper
Ryouga Hibiki Portrait.png
Tohru Adachi II Portrait.png
Ryouga Hibiki Tohru Adachi
Class 23
Ayumi Takahara.png
Connie Springer Portrait.png
Davis Motomiya.png
Eddy (EE&E) Portrait.png
Ayumi Takahara Connie Springer Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya Eddy Skipper McGee
Ling Yao II Portrait.png
Mars (TWGOK) Portrait.png
Mato Kuroi.png
Nathan Seymour.png
Ling Yao Mars Mato Kuroi Nathan Seymour
Neptunia Portrait.png
Purple Heart Portrait.png
Rex Salazar II Portrait.png
Takeru Ooyama.png
Neptune Purple Heart Rex Salazar Takeru Ooyama
Tomoki Kuroki.png
Yui Goido.png
Yuri Nakamura.png
Yuu Koutari.png
Tomoko Kuroki Yui Goido Yuri Nakamura Yuu Koutari
Yuuki Asaba.png
Yuuki Asaba
Assorted Students
Abbey Bominable Portrait.png
Adagio Dazzle.png
Ai Mizuno II Portrait.png
Abbey Bominable Adagio Dazzle Ai Mizuno Akamaru
Akeno Himejima Portrait.png
Akira Okouchi II Portrait.png
Ako Izumi II Portrait.png
Alejandro Burromuerto.png
Akeno Himejima Akira Okouchi Ako Izumi Alejandro Burromuerto
Aleksandra Sasha Ivanovna Pokryshkin Portrait.png
Andy Beast Portrait.png
Anna (FE) II Portrait.png
Aoi Futaba II Portrait.png
Aleksandra "Sasha" Ivanovna Pokryshkin Andy Beast Anna Aoi Futaba
Aoi Sakurai II Portrait.png
Applebloom (EG) Portrait.png
Aqua (KonoSuba) Portrait.png
Aoi Sakurai Applebloom Applejack Aqua
Araya Portrait.png
Arcanine Render.png
Aria Blaze.png
Aria Holmes Kanzaki.png
Araya Arcanine Aria Blaze Aria Holmes Kanzaki
Arina Makihara II Portrait.png
Arisa Narumi Portrait.jpg
Asbel Lhant Portrait.png
Arina Makihara Arisa Narumi Armadillomon Asbel Lhant
Ash Ketchum II Portrait.png
Asia Argento Portrait.png
Asta Portrait.png
Asuna Kagurazaka II Portrait.png
Ash Ketchum Asia Argento Asta Asuna Kagurazaka
Aya Shameimaru Portrait.png
Ayaka Yukihiro II Portrait.png
Ayame Shaga II Portrait.png
Azuki Shinatsu.png
Aya Shameimaru Ayaka Yukihiro Ayame Shaga Azuki Shinatsu
Azusa Nakano Portrait.png
Bandeiras Hattori II Portrait.png
Barazou Mankanshoku Portrait.png
Azusa Nakano Ban Bandeiras Hattori Barazou Mankanshoku
Basilio Portrait.png
Baton Switch Portrait.png
Belle Lavitz.png
Ben Tennyson II Portrait.png
Basilio Baton Switch Belle Lavitz Ben Tennyson
Big Mac (EG).png
Blueberry Cake Portrait.png
Blueberry Pie Portrait.jpg
Bob Makihara Portrait.png
Big MacIntosh Blueberry Cake Blueberry Pie Bob Makihara
Bols II Portrait.png
Bon Bon (EG) Portrait.png
Brawley Beats.png
Brick McArthur II Portrait.png
Bols Bon Bon Brawley Beats Brick McArthur
Bright Idea.png
Bronislava Safonov Portrait.png
Bulent Portrait.png
Bulk Biceps (EG).png
Bright Idea Bronislava Safonov Bulent Bulk Biceps
CA Cupid Portrait.png
Cana Alberona.png
Captain Planet.png
Carl Fredricksen Portrait.png
C.A. Cupid Cana Alberona Captain Planet Carl Fredricksen
Carla Portrait.png
Cassandra Murata II Portrait.png
Cecilia Alcott II Portrait.png
Chaa Portrait.png
Carla Cassandra Murata Cecilia Alcott Chaa
Chacha Akaza.png
Chachamaru Portrait.png
Charizard Render.png
Charlotte Dunois.png
Chacha Akaza Chachamaru Karakuri Charizard Charlotte Dunois
Chelsea II Portrait.png
Cheria Barnes Portrait.png
Cherry Crash.png
Chie Satonaka Portrait.png
Chelsea Cheria Barnes Cherry Crash Chie Satonaka
Chihaya Hiiragi Portrait.png
Chisame Hasegawa.png
Chisato Shion Portrait.jpg
Chitose Karasuyama.png
Chihaya Hiiragi Chisame Hasegawa Chisato Shion Chitose Karasuyama
Chizuru Naba Portrait.png
Chloe Valens.png
Chouji Akimichi II Portrait.png
Chris Pearson Portrait.png
Chizuru Naba Chloe Valens Chouji Akimichi Chris Pearson
Chrom Portrait.png
Claire Bennet Render.png
Clawd Wolf Portrait.png
Clawdeen Wolf Portrait.png
Chrom Claire Bennett Clawd Wolf Clawdeen Wolf
Cleo de Nile Portrait.png
Colette Brunel II Portrait.jpg
Compa Render.png
Cordelia (FE) II Portrait.png
Cleo de Nile Colette Brunel Compa Cordelia
Crow Lytis.png
Dalmatian Portrait.png
Dan Gotanda Portrait.png
Dan Kusou.png
Crow Lytis Dalmatian Dan Gotanda Dan Kusou
Dan Mandel.png
Danny Phantom.png
Dante (DmC) Portrait.png
Dash Baxter Portrait.png
Dan Mandel Danny Fenton Dante Dash Baxter
Dead Master Portrait.png
Deidara Render.png
Demoura Zodd Portrait.png
Derpy Hooves (EG) Portrait.png
Dead Master Deidara Demoura Zodd Derpy "Muffins" Hooves
Deuce Gorgon Portrait.png
Diamond Tiara (EG) Portrait.png
Diane (NNT) II Portrait.png
Dipper Pines Portrait.png
Deuce Gorgon Diamond Tiara Diane Dipper Pines
Don Patch Portait.png
Don of the Dead Portrait.png
Donkey Kong Portrait.png
Don Patch Don of the Dead Donkey Kong Donnel
Draculaura Portrait.jpg
Duncan Rosenblatt.png
Duncan Nelson.png
Dutch Portrait.png
Draculaura Duncan "Firebreather" Rosenblatt Duncan Nelson Dutch
Edd (EE&E) Portrait.png
Ed (EE&E) Portrait.png
Edytha Rossman Portrait.png
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen II Portrait.png
Eddward Marion Vincent Edwin Horace Hill Edytha Rossman Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Elfman Strauss.png
Elizabeth Liones Portrait.png
Elsa Pitohui Kanzaki Portrait.png
Elfman Strauss Elizabeth Liones Elsa "Pitohui" Kanzaki Emilia
Emmeryn II Portrait.png
Enju Aihara Portrait.png
Eri Sawachika.png
Emmeryn Enju Aihara Eri Sawachika Escanor
Eyera Portrait.png
Farah Oersted Portrait.jpg
Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell Eyera Fal Farah Oersted
Fido (EG) Portrait.png
Filia Portrait1.png
Flash Thompson.png
Flash Sentry Portrait.png
Fido Filia Flash "Agent Venom" Thompson Flash Sentry
Flavia Portrait.png
Fleur de Lis (EG) Portrait.png
Flora Skybloom Portrait.png
Frankie Stein Portrait.png
Flavia Fleur de Lis Flora Skybloom Frankie Stein
Frederick Portrait.png
Fredrica Portrait.png
Fuchsia Blush.png
Fumika Narutaki.png
Frederick Fredrica Fuchsia Blush Fumika Narutaki
Furan Takaki.png
Fuu Sawatari.png
Fuuka Narutaki.png
Gaius Portrait.png
Furan Takaki Fuu Sawatari Fuuka Narutaki Gaius
Gajeel Redfox Portrait.png
Genius Sage Portrait.png
Genos Portrait.png
Genshirou Saji Portrait.png
Gajeel Redfox Genius Sage Genos Genshirou Saji
Georgette Lemare Portrait.png
Ghoulia Yelps Portrait.png
Gillington Gil Webber Portrait.png
Gilly Blue Portait.png
Georgette Lemare Ghoulia Yelps Gillington "Gil" Webber Gilly Blue
Gluttony Portrait.png
Gory Fangtell Portrait.png
Greed Portait.png
Gregor (FE) II Portrait.png
Gluttony Gory Fangtell Greed Gregor
Gundula Rall Portrait.png
Guy Cecil II Portrait.png
Hakufu Sonsaku Portrait.png
Gowther Gundula Rall Guy Cecil Hakufu Sonsaku
Hank Hill II Portrait.png
Haruhi Fujioka.png
Haruka Kanade Portrait.jpg
Hank Hill Happy Haruhi Fujioka Haruka Kanade
Haruko Amaya.png
Haruna Saotome II Portrait.png
Hata Takafudou Portrait.png
Hayate Yagami Portrait.png
Haruko Amaya Haruna Saotome Hata Takafudou Hayate Yagami
Heath Burns (MH) Portrait.png
Herbert East Portrait.png
Hidan Render.png
Hideki Hinata Portrait.png
Heath Burns Herbert East Hidan Hideki Hinata
Hidenori Tabata Portrait.png
Hikari Yagami II Portrait.png
Hikaru Hitachiin.png
Himawari Shinomiya.png
Hidenori Tabata Hikari Karibuchi Hikaru Hitachiin Himawari Shinomiya
Hisa Takei Portrait.png
Hisui Hearts II Portrait.png
Hitomi Shizuki Portrait.png
Holt Hyde Portrait.png
Hisa Takei Hisui Hearts Hitomi Shizuki Holt Hyde
Homer Simpson Portrait.png
Honne Nohotoke Portrait.png
Honoka Kousaka.png
Hoodude Voodoo Portrait.png
Homer Simpson Honne Nohotoke Honoka Kousaka Hoodude Voodoo
Houka Inumuta II Portrait.png
Houtarou Oreki.png
Howleen Wolf Portrait.png
Huberta von Bonin Portrait.png
Houka Inumuta Houtarou Oreki Howleen Wolf Huberta von Bonin
Ichika Orimura.png
Ichirou Inuyashiki Portrait.png
IF Render.png
Ichika Orimura Ichirou Inuyashiki Ieyasu IF
Ike II Portrait.png
Ile Portrait.png
Illyasviel von Einzbern (FSN) Portrait.png
Inaho Kushiya.png
Ike Ile Illyasviel von Einzbern Inaho Kushiya
Indigo Zap Portrait.jpg
Ino Yamanaka.png
Iroha (SS) Portrait.png
Isaac Clarke Portrait.png
Indigo Zap Ino Yamanaka Iroha Isaac Clarke
Isabela Portrait.png
Isla (PM) Portrait.png
Issei Hyoudou Portrait.png
Izumi Miyamura Portrait.png
Isabela Isla Issei Hyoudou Izumi Miyamura
Izumo Kamiki Portrait.png
Jackson Jekyll Portrait.png
Jacqueline O Lantern Dupree.png
Jake Long.png
Izumo Kamiki Jackson Jekyll Jacqueline O' Lantern Dupre Jake Long
Jennifer (HU) Portrait.png
Jet Set (EG) Portrait.png
Jimmy (Hoenn) Render.png
Jin Matsuriya.png
Jennifer Jet Set Jimmy Dunsten Jin Matsuriya
Jirou Mochizuki II Portrait.png
Jirou Yoshidayama.png
Joe Higashi.png
Jinbe Jirou Mochizuki Jirou Yoshidayama Joe Higashi
Joey Wheeler Portrait.png
John Price Portrait.png
John Soap MacTavish.png
Johnny Test Portrait.png
Joey Wheeler John Price John "Soap" MacTavish Johnny Test
Jousuke Higashikata Portrait.jpg
Julie Makimoto Portrait.png
Julie Sigtuna Portrait.png
Juniper Lee Portrait.png
Jousuke Higashikata Julie Makimoto Julie Sigtuna Juniper Lee
Junko Konno.png
Junko Takei Portait.png
Kaede Kayano Portrait.png
Kaede Nagase.png
Junko Konno Junko Takei Kaede Kayano Kaede Nagase
Kagari Izuriha.png
Kagura (Gintama) Portrait.png
Kagura Mikazuchi.png
Kaito Doumoto.png
Kagari Izuriha Kagura Kagura Mikazuchi Kaito Doumoto
Kamui Katsuragi Portrait.png
Kanae Mitani.png
Kanji Tatsumi II Portrait.png
Kanzashi Sarashiki II Portrait.png
Kamui Katsuragi Kanae Mitani Kanji Tatsumi Kanzashi Sarashiki
Kaori Miyazono.png
Kaoru Hitachiin.png
Kaoruko Mayuzumi Portrait.png
Kaoruko Moeta.png
Kaori Miyazono Kaoru Hitachiin Kaoruko Mayuzumi Kaoruko Moeta
Karen (SOR) Portrait.png
Karen Kohiruimaki.png
Karlamine Portrait.png
Kazuki Juumonji.png
Karen Karen "Llenn" Kohiruimaki Karlamine Kazuki Juumonji
Kazuma Satou Portrait.png
Kazumi Asakura.png
Kazumi Yoshida Portrait.png
Keisuke Hijikata.png
Kazuma Satou Kazumi Asakura Kazumi Yoshida Keisuke Hijikata
Kellam Portrait.png
Kengo Usui.png
Kenny Rogers.png
Kiba Inuzuka.png
Kellam Kengo Usui Kenny Rogers Kiba Inuzuka
Kieran Valentine Portrait.png
Killik Lunge.png
Killer Bee Render.png
Kimi Satou.png
Kieran Valentine Kilik Lunge Killer Bee Kimi Satou
Kimial Diehl.png
King (NNT) II Portrait.png
Kipling Portrait.png
Kirika Kure Portrait.png
Kimial "Kim" Diehl King Kipling Kirika Kure
Kisara Tendou Portrait.png
Kiyoka Aikawa II Portrait.png
Kiyomasa Senji Portrait.png
Kodama Himegami.png
Kisara Tendou Kiyoka Aikawa Kiyomasa Senji Kodama Himegami
Kohaku Hearts Render.jpg
Konoka Konoe.png
Koneko Toujou Portrait.png
Kor Meteor Render.jpg
Kohaku Hearts Konoka Konoe Koneko Toujou Kor Meteor
Koushuu II Portrait.jpg
Koutarou Inugami.png
Koutarou Tatsumi.png
Koyume Koizuka II Portrait.png
Koushuu Koutarou Inugami Koutarou Tatsumi Koyume Koizuka
Kratos Aurion II Render.png
Kuniko Houjou Portrait.png
Ryokan Kurita.png
Kurumu Kurono Portrait.png