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Alice Tsukagami is a character from the Bloody Roar games.

Kidnapped as a small child by Tylon, Alice was converted into a zoanthrope and later rescued before she could be brainwashed. Months later, she enters the tournament to fight against Tylon and rescue the other hostages, during which, she rescued Uriko. As a show of gratitude, Mitsuko adopted Alice as part of the family. She thus works as a nurse and an advocate of W.O.C. who tries to keep Yugo in line and steps in when something dangerous happens. She is kindhearted and cares deeply for others, and works unconditionally in treating their wounds, although as gentle as she is, and as much as she dislikes violence, her patience can only go so far at times for Yugo's life-risking antics.

In the XP4 fics, Alice debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.

In the AWA fics, Alice is listed as a purchased slave from the Slave Fortress.


Alice is a brunette in which her hair is brown similar to Yugo's, despite this she colors her hair to purple in the first three installments. She's a slender petite woman she's 158cm tall and weighs 57kg. Although she has american heritage from her father, Alice has more eastern appearance than western, she's petite, dark-haired, and brown-eyed.

In the first installment, Alice wears a very urban look, jacket, mini short in jean, biker gloves and running shoes, a style that she will develop throughout the series for more and more mature though she wears in Bloody Roar 2, a nurse uniform calling back her job. A drastic changes occurs in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury where Alice abandons her long back-length purple hair and styled into a medium-length brown hair. Her new look, clothes makes her less urban.

She has a signature look which is two ponytails until the fourth game. She always showing her legs during her fights.

In her beast form, the Rabbit, she often has a white fur and red eyes. She gains one centimeter and one kg. The top of her outfit is generally safe instead of the shoes, the pants or the skirt which are ripped or disappear. In the fourth game, most of her primary outfit disappear or shredded leaving her wearing only her white short jacket as her top while wearing her third outfit, most of her outfits are not safe and she may ended up left naked. Her beast form has a lot of similitude with the Florida White , a rabbit breed.


Alice is a kind-hearted woman, who cares deeply about her friends and family. She has also shown feelings for the main character, Yugo. Although she is against violence, she will fight if it is to help someone she cares for.

XP4 Fanfics

Alice is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Full Force Guerilla. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 12, Alice, alongside her team, the Full Force Guerilla, are seen in an empty city where they're tasked to stop Dr. Dolan Danger and his army from taking it over. After defeating Dolan's army with the doctor fleeing, Alice and the others regrouped, discussing of cleaning the city.


In human form, Alice is a relatively weak character with poor range. Her only real advantage is her speed and evasive skills. However, in beast form, she gains incredible strength and jumping ability, making her a tricky opponent to hit. She is well balanced and easy to handle by beginners, despite that some of her moves are tricky to execute. Also, she is one of the few characters who has an air throw ability.

Beast Drives

Lifting Star Lane - Being directly in front of the opponent and successfully connecting the move while in rabbit form, Alice headbutts her opponent then rolls her opponent into a human like ball, she then kicks them into the sky with her foot and keeps them airborne with her knee then her nose and finishes it off with a powerful backward kick reverting her to human form, this move can be seen as a parody of the sport of soccer

Bunny Love - Alice somersaults on her opponent while in rabbit form and, with a first punch, throws her opponent above her. Before he touches the ground, Alice uses an aggressive combo on him, each hit lets appear a pink heart then takes a run-up and jump in a pink bright spiral, sweeping away the opponent before she makes a cute pose in the air and finish off her opponent next to her with big hearts.

Ability Plus

  • Consecutive Hit Effect : When an opponent takes a hit, and steps back, it becomes easier to land combos successfully.
  • Power Legs


  • Alice is the only one to have a secret alternative costume in Bloody Roar. The famous Sailor Costume, a school uniform.
  • Four rough artworks of Alice are hidden in the Bloody Roar 2 CD files, they're all the same except each one has a different characters : "d", "D", "E", "F". The reason is still unknown.
  • Alice, and her transformation, is a reference to the Lewis Carroll's novel : Alice in Wonderland. Where a young girl named Alice follows a White Rabbit through a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures.


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