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Alexander "Xander" Campbell II is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Xander is the son of Alexander Campbell I, CEO of Campbell Incorporated and Angela Balashov Campbell and an older sister named Claudia, Heiress to the Campbell Household. His family is one of the 4 major noble rich families in England with those being the Alisters, the Darwins, the Becketts and the Campbells. His family is known for having a long line of great fencers and Xander and his sister were no exception.

Xander is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Xander is the son ofAlexander Campbell I, CEO of Campbell Incorporated and Angela Balashov Campbell and an older sister named Claudia, Heiress to the Campbell Household. His family is one of the 4 major noble rich families in England with those being the Alisters, the Darwins, the Becketts and the Campbells. His family is known for having a long line of great fencers and Xander and his sister were no exception. They were young prodigies of that art and they were very close, always helping out each other until one day when Xander discovered his Blessed powers, Claudia started to distance herself from Xander and it got their parents worried. It lasted for about one month and a half until Xander confronted his sister and had a talk. It turned out that she got jealous of her younger brother's powers and she wished that she could do something like that and so Xander told Claudia that he was also jealous of her because there were a lot of things that she could do that he couldn't but realised that there were things that only he can do just like how there are things that only Claudia can do and with that, the siblings reconciled with each other. When the Coalition found him and proposed of joining the Coalition, his family supported him to join and before leaving, he was given a cane sword with his family's crest and told him to make not only them but also the Campbell House proud. Currently in the Coalition, besides polishing his Fencing skills, Canne de combat skills and close combat skills, he'd often spend his spare time reading under the shade of the sakura tree, playing chess in the lounge or helping out Kylie Hollard in the kitchen room.


A young man as tall as Ozzy with short spiky blonde hair, fair skin, slim and strong build and green eyes. He's clad in a modern gentleman's outfit composed of a white button up shirt with a dark gray colored neck tie under a light gray button up vest under an open gray business jacket, a pair of gray pants with a black belt, black leather shoes, a pair of square framed glasses over his eyes, a silver ring with a symbol of an eagle with a fencing sword on its beak (his family crest) on his right index finger and a Cane Sword that he holds on his right hand. On missions he'd wear a gray open overcoat, a gray top hat and a pair of black gloves, one worn on his right hand and one kept in his overcoat's right pocket.


Xander is very laid-back, kind, playful, a gentleman and always wears a handsome smile (without showing the teeth). Although his laid back personality changes to an angry one whenever he'd butt heads with Roka Shirogane over insults and it would always lead to them to fighting with their swords and Joey Hollard would often be the one to break them up. He also has a bad sense of direction that would often get him lost and his friends would have to find him. He always has the habit of either greeting, thanking or bidding people farewell twice, first time in English and the second time in Russian.


  • - Oh, why hello there. Privet
  • - Hello there. Privet
  • - Hello and Privet
  • - I bid you farewell my friends. Do svidaniya
  • - I bid you farewell my lady. Do svidaniya
  • - Bye now. Do svidaniya

He loves playing chess and whenever he wins a round, he'd always say "Game, Set, Match" and the same thing applies when he defeats an enemy (except when easily defeating henchmen). He's also a good dancer, mostly on slow dance and he knows how to play the piano and he plays very well. He's also an excellent cook in making dishes whether fancy or not. He doesn't like people who enjoy the suffering of others whether if they're doing it or not and the 1st thing he'll do is give them a slap with his gloves before punching them in the gut (even if it's a girl) and whenever something bad happens, he'd say "Aww nyet (Aww no)". Xander can be a bit playful sometimes when fighting his enemies but knows when to take things seriously and he doesn't like it when his opponents play dirty. He'd get disgusted whenever he hears selfish and greedy rantings from other stereotype nobles and rich people and he'd give them one hell of a beating but in a none brutal kind of manner. Although, Xander has a slight fear of sharks due to how he was nearly eaten by one when he was just a child, so in a sense, he's afraid of getting eaten by sharks (the only exceptions are anthropomorphic talking sharks such as Dr. Pating and other sharks that don't eat humans) and even the slightest mention of sharks make Xander a bit on edge sometimes despite keeping a calm composure and he'd easily fall for a trick that there's a shark right behind him and it would cause him to freak out.

Whenever Xander's provoked to start a fight between him and a few thugs, he'd say "Manners maketh man" and he'd follow with "Do you know what that means? Then how about I teach you ruffians a lesson" and then he'd unleash the warrior within.


His Gift is called "Disappearing Act", This Gift allows him to turn completely invisible and whatever he holds in his possession, he can turn it invisible as well and he can also turn his allies invisible allowing him and his allies to be undetected by enemies. He's also able to turn very big objects including vehicles invisible but he's unable to turn vehicles or buildings the size of The Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Ocean Liners/Cruise Ships or Star Destroyers invisible.

He's a pro at Fencing, Canne de Combat, Karate, Aikido and Kyusho Jutsu. He's also an Expert in Gymnastics, Free Running and Parkour. He's also good with a knife, an Expert Marksman and Expert Sharpshooter.


  • Cane Sword - Xander's main melee weapon. It looks similar to Ozpin's cane with the handle having a light gray body and black color linings and the Campbell crest replacing the gears in the cane. When using his Cane Sword, he can frequently switch from Fencing to Canne de combat style and when in a tough situations, he uses a fighting style called "Fence-Canne Style", a combat style he created while in the Coalition, it works by dual wielding the unsheathed Cane Sword and the Cane sheath and using a combination of both Fencing and Canne de combat on the enemy.
  • Butterfly Knife - Xander's secondary melee weapon that he uses for emergencies. He keeps it in his left pocket.
  • British Bull Dog Revolver - Xander's ranged weapon that he uses for emergencies. He usually loads it with rubber bullets and keeps it holstered on a left shoulder holster hidden within his jacket.
  • Kingsman Pistol - Xander's other ranged weapon that he uses for ranged combat. It looks like a Tokarev TT-40 pistol with an added shotgun barrel allowing it to also shoot shotgun rounds. This replaced Xander's Bull Dog Revolver after his 1st mission with his team.
  • Kingsman Watch - A gold wrist watch that has a wrist mounted dart gun that holds paralyzing darts, amnesia darts and knockout darts and a flash that can stun enemies and it also includes advanced software that can hack into almost any computer terminal. Xander wears it in his left wrist and he recieved it after his 1st mission with his team.
  • Kingsman Signet Ring - A silver ring that also acts as a taser to stun opponents up close and personal. Xander wears it on his left ring finger. He recieved this after his 1st mission with his team.
  • Kingsman Glasses - A pair of square framed glasses that's also a video communication device, a recording device and a computer vision device. Xander recieved this after his 1st mission with his team, replacing his old glasses which broke on his mission.

Signature Stance - En-Garde stance with his Cane sheath held back handed behind his back.


  • Xander is an OC of AuraBolter.
  • According to AuraBolter, his ideal voice actor for Xander are Shunya Shiraishi (Soma Haruto AKA Kamen Rider Wizard from Kamen Rider Wizard) and Ian Sinclair (Lawless from Servamp).


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