This article uses material from the “Albert Chamomile” article on the Negima! Wiki at FANDOM and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Albert 'Chamo' Chamomile is a character from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga. Chamo is a perverted, lingerie stealing, chain-smoking and talking ermine - an ermine elf, akin to a Caith Sith. (Though he has a long, and prehensile tail.) Negi freed Chamo from a trap when he was five years old. Since then, Chamo has been going to Negi whenever he ran into trouble, attempting to provide him with some help and advice. In the AWA fics, Chamo is part of the AWA and works as an assistant to Negi Springfield.


Chamo is a white ermine with black dot eyes and has four large whiskers, he has a long tail with a black tint on it's end.


Chamo cares strongly for Negi and will fight to protect him, but he is not above using him to try to make a fast buck. Chief among those methods is attempting to make probationary contracts between Negi and as many of his students as possible, since the act nets him 50,000 Ermine Dollars per contract. The most prominent attempt was the "Kiss Negi" game he set up in Kyoto with Kazumi, which he rigged with a magic circle around the inn, so that anyone who kissed Negi would trigger a Pactio. The result was one Probationary Contract with Nodoka Miyazaki, and four botched ones (Ayaka, Ku Fei, Makie, and the Narutaki Twins).

His knowledge of magic and such is vast, and he is very resourceful in making up attacks on the spot. For example, his "Ermine Flash" which consists of him setting alight flash bangs with his lighter as a means of distraction. He seems to have considerable computer skills, (such as ordering items online at Chamo acts as Negi's trusty advisor in most things, though there are times his judgement and/or advice leaves much to be desired...

He normally suffers Asuna's wrath whenever his schemes are discovered or he is caught in one of his perverted acts. Chamo addresses Negi as "Aniki" (big brother) and most of the ladies (like Negi's students) as "Ane-san" (big sister, sometimes with slight variations like "Ane-go" and to Nodoka as "Jochan") even though he is most likely older than all of them.

His level of magic is not as great as some of the others, though he has shown some considerable spell casting, chief among them is drawing up magic circles, which is essential for creating Pactios, and casting anti-telepathy spells. He also has the disturbing hobby of keeping track of the girls' feelings for Negi, often to the chagrin of all involved.


  • Chamo's name, combined with Negi's comes from a Japanese saying, which can literally be translated to: 'a duck comes bearing green onions'. The term comes from a legend about such a thing happening, and is used to describe a sudden stroke of good fortune (not only have you got dinner, it's come with it's own seasoning!).
  • At around the time of the Mahora Academy School Festival, Chachazero and Chamo had formed a friendship and would sometimes go out drinking together after school.


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