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The Accino Family is a family of Bounty Hunters who only appeared in the anime-only Ice Hunter Arc, though designed by Oda himself. Their leader/patriarch is Don Accino, and they serve as the main antagonists of the arc.

In the XP4 fics, the Accino Family is allied with the Heroes Coalitions.

List of Members

  • Accino
  • Campacino
  • Brindo
  • Arbell
  • Salchow
  • Hockera
  • Lil


The Accino Family seemed to be strong, capable of defeating powerful targets such as the Phoenix Pirates and taking their flag as a trophy. They were also able to give the Straw Hat Pirates quite some trouble. They also use the geography of their headquarters, Hyokaido, to give them a home-field advantage against their opponents. Their father, Accino, is the strongest member of the family.

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